Nov 24, 2021
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Belarus calls on WHO to help refugees

Minsk plans to convene a WHO meeting to consider the actions of the Polish military

Minsk plans to convene an extraordinary emergency meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider the actions of the Polish military on the border with Belarus, providing facts of abuse of refugees. Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus informed about it Igor Petrishenko during a meeting with the WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Klugewho arrived in Minsk.

Petrishenko recalled that Belarus is a member of the WHO Executive Committee and demands to consider the actions of the Polish side, “Inconsistent with the norms and principles of international law”, namely: bullying refugees who were on the territory of Belarus and did not try to cross the border, but they were still poured water with chemicals from water cannons – both women and children.

“We will provide you with documentary information so that, within the framework of your mandate, you will consider the bullying that is being carried out by the Polish security forces, and perhaps from other countries of the European Union. Refugees are beaten, and they are just trying to find happiness in the European Union, ”

– the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus addressed to Hans Kluge.

According to Petrishenko, all WHO members should watch this footage to see with their own eyes how the European Union “ensures” the preservation of health of refugees. And he reminded that the temporary refugee camp set up on the territory of Belarus, which is currently provided with everything necessary, should not turn into a permanent one. And for this it is necessary to find a way out of the current migration crisis as soon as possible. And the European Union should decide this issue.

WHO, for its part, should help in this, since the mandate of this international organization says that it “Ensures the provision and promotion of medical assistance for refugees”

“The situation at the border was not initiated by us, it was brought in from outside, but, unfortunately, we are forced to respond and provide assistance at our own expense and on our own in order to fully fulfill the obligations assumed in WHO. The Belarusian side acts, among other things, within the framework of the WHO program for 2021, which clearly states that it is necessary to ensure the health of women, children and adolescents, that the health system must respond to emergencies. So here’s a real test of the World Health Organization in a practical plane, this is a specific situation. I urge you and the WHO Director-General to respond and show that the World Health Organization, within its mandate, responds effectively and efficiently. “

– Igor Petrishenko emphasized.

Hans Kluge visited the Bruzgi detention center on the Belarusian-Polish border. According to him, he decided to see for himself what conditions people live in and find out what they need. The WHO representative spoke with the migrants, who said that their goal is to get to Europe, they are not going to stay in Belarus, but Kluge refused to communicate with journalists.

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