Jun 3, 2021
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Being overweight exacerbates the effects of alcohol on the liver

For the first time, a new study demonstrates how alcohol affects the health of overweight people. For it, scientists used data from the British Biobank (a large study that collects medical data and information about the lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of people).

Scientists analyzed data from more than 465 people aged 40-69 years, who were followed for an average of 10.5 years. They compared the liver risks in overweight and normal-weight people who drank more than the British recommendation (more than 10 standard servings, equivalent to 10 grams of pure alcohol, per week).

In people c overweight or obese people had an almost 600% higher risk of developing alcoholic fatty liver disease than those of normal weight. Their risk of dying from this problem was 700% higher.

Overweight and obesity increased the risk of developing liver disease in people who took alcohol without exceeding the recommended norm. They had a 50% higher risk than normal-weight people.

Scientists believe that new medical guidelines should specifically mention the combined harmful effects of alcohol and excess weight on health.

“Based on our research, people who are overweight, not only obese, should drink alcohol with caution and perhaps strive to drink much less than recommended,” said Emmanuel Stamatakis (Emmanuel Stamatakis) from the University of Sydney, co-author of the study.

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