May 4, 2021
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Bee dance with logo reveal

Digital product store

Digital product store

Very good for advertising and promoting your product, website, company, etc. Get three products for the price of one.

Happy Bee Opener

Happy Bee Logo Reveal

Uncovering the magic of the bee dance

  • No plugins required, fast final render
  • Basic animation is pre-rendered with special effects
  • This project is useful for revealing your company’s logo and slogan.
  • Very easy to edit, just replace the logo or any text and you’re ready to render
  • Also included in the project are additional background decorations.
  • With alpha channel you can apply any background color or any pre-made background
  • The project has quick control over the overall color composition, background, text and logo.
  • Soundtrack specially created for this project is included and included in the price
  • Video instruction included

How do I get it? In details
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