Sep 21, 2022
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Bedside rugs: types and features of choice

Bedside rugs: types and features of choiceBedside rugs: types and features of choice

Bedside rugs in bedrooms create more comfort. When a person gets out of bed, his feet do not touch the cold floor, but a soft and warm rug. In addition to the functional purpose, there is also an aesthetic one. Rugs are very diverse in their appearance and allow you to give individuality to the space, and also help to zone it. The shape of the bedside rug can be either standard options: rectangular or oval, or abstract configurations.

Varieties of rugs

Depending on the material and appearance, several groups of rugs are distinguished. They can be synthetic and made from natural materials. The former last longer, burn out and wear out less. The second ones are much more pleasant to the touch, attract dust less and do not create static electricity. According to the nature of the pile, there are:

  • long pile – soft and fluffy, creating a feeling of comfort;
  • short pile – less soft, but easier to clean;
  • lint-free and fabric – they have a rather rough texture, but it is pleasant to walk on them.

The color variety of bedside rugs is very large. You can choose the right color for any interior. Often interiors in soft colors complement a bright element or choose an option that will help combine dissimilar details.

How to choose a bedside rug

There are a number of tips for choosing a bedroom rug:

  • To make it stand out on the floor, you need to use a model in a contrasting color.
  • The color is selected depending on the overall color scheme. Bright rugs will enliven the room. They look equally good in both dark and light interiors.
  • Oval-shaped rugs visually smooth corners and make the design softer, which is especially true with a large number of furniture with sharp corners.
  • The bedside rug can be combined in color and pattern with the textiles in the room. Pillows, bedspreads can create an interesting ensemble with a floor element.
  • If you want to maintain a strict style, then it is better to choose square-shaped products that have a discreet color scheme.

How to care

To make the room cozy, comfortable and hygienic, it is very important not to forget about cleaning and care. The rug is laid exclusively on a dry floor. If it becomes damp, an unpleasant odor or mold may appear. Vacuum this element of the interior at least once a week. Once every two or three months, it is necessary to clean the inside out. Once a year or more often, depending on the degree of soiling, the rugs are washed or dry-cleaned.

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