Jan 14, 2022
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Because of the antics of Philip Kirkorov, tens of millions are demanded from Muz-TV


Singer Philip Kirkorov, with his outrageousness, gave rise to litigation.

A lawsuit was filed with the Moscow Basmanny Court. The viewer demanded to recover 24 million rubles from the TV channel in the form of compensation for moral damage.

At the same time, apparently, the plaintiff is extremely dissatisfied with what he saw. There were no such figures in this case. His name has already been made public. Valentin Semyonov demanded that the TV channel pay him personally 24 million in compensation for non-pecuniary damage. Earlier, he tried to oblige Muz-TV to transfer another hundred million rubles in favor of the domestic state. However, the latter was quickly denied to the plaintiff.

Where exactly such large sums came from is not yet entirely clear, but the man intends to stand his ground. According to the press secretary of the court, Semenov was not satisfied with the very moment when, during the broadcast, David Manukyan and Philip Kirkorov appeared together and communicated quite closely. Despite the fact that the majority of Russians are convinced that, apart from outrageousness, all this does not carry any other meanings, the plaintiff, apparently, does not like this option.

Philip Kirkrov
Philip Kirkorov

Journalists have not yet been able to talk with Valentin Semenov himself. It is known that he filed a lawsuit in the summer, but it was accepted for production only in November. How exactly this story will end is still difficult to say, but the viewer is determined, Vedomosti reports.

Recall that everything happened on the fourth of June last year. Then the ceremony of presenting the music award “Muz-TV” was held in the capital. The TV channel itself broadcast a high-profile event, which immediately thundered throughout the country. Philip Kirkorov and David Manukyan arrived there together. They appeared in a white car, and were accompanied by naked, strong men with flowers. Roskomnadzor issued a warning to Muz-TV. The TV channel was suspected of promoting non-traditional sexual relations.

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