Jan 30, 2021
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Beauty & Personal Care Monthly Calendar February 2021

Beauty & Personal Care Monthly Calendar February 2021

Not only proven conspiracies, but also the phases of the moon will help to preserve beauty and attractiveness for many years. Thanks to the observations of astrologers, everyone will be able to choose the right days for personal care, so that any procedure has the maximum effect.

Personal care consists of a variety of treatments, all of which are stately to maintain a radiant and healthy appearance. Experts recommend starting February with proper grooming, trusting the advice of astrologers, and taking a lot from the night’s sparkle. Running procedures can be carried out not only in beauty salons, but also at home, as well as used with proven conspiracies to maintain an attractive external appearance.

1st of February: on the first day of February, the energetics of the falling moon in Virgo will give you great times for facial and body care. On this day, you can fearlessly apply scrubs, as well as make moisturizing masks.

February 23: The month continues to decrease, moving into the Sign of Libra. This is the time for rejuvenating treatments, fighting cellulite and cleansing the skin of blackheads and inflammation. It is also safe for procedures by qualified anti-aging professionals.

February 4, 5: The month moves to the constellation Scorpio, and these days astrologers recommend trying aroma procedures. Bathing with oils, massages and masks will help to make the skin glowing.

February 6, 7: under the influence of the energy of the decaying moon in Sagittarius, water procedures and massages are useful. Snout cleaning, unusually mechanical, can lead to damage and inflammation, and it is more important to abandon it in favor of moisturizing the skin with masks and creams.

February 8, 9: under the influence of Capricorn, astrologers recommend taking care of yourself with the use of natural weapons and decoctions of medicinal herbs. The effect of such procedures will exceed all expectations.

February 10, 11: On February 10, facials can include combating early wrinkles. On the day of the New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th, astrologers recommend tonic baths, which will help make the skin elastic.

February 12, 13 and 14: the growing Moon will spend three days in the sign of Pisces. These times are suitable for any procedures aimed at rejuvenation. Scrubs, masks, baths with aromatic oils will help maintain the tone of the whole body and replenish the water balance.

February 15, 16: under the influence of Aries, the wrapping procedures will be successfully completed. At this time, it will be appropriate to take comprehensive measures to lose weight and improve the skin tone of the snout and body.

February 17, 18 and 19: this time the growing month will spend in the constellation Taurus. Astrologers recommend not to carry out traumatic procedures: cutting the cuticle, mechanical cleaning, acupuncture. These days, you can preserve freshness and youth with the help of decoctions of medicinal herbs.

February 20, 21: A month in Gemini is the time for applying nourishing moisturizing masks, strengthening hair with the help of folk weapons. These days it is worth giving up tattooing and beauty injections.

February 22, 23 and 24: The month moves to the constellation Cancer, continuing its own growth. Any snout procedures will be as appropriate as going to a beauty salon. On any of these days, you can indulge in complex spa treatments to maintain your beauty and good location.

February 25, 26: A month in Leo – times for facials. These days, nourishing faces will perfectly smooth the skin and give it tone. It is worth giving up body procedures.

February 27, 28: he will spend two days in Virgo. The new moon on February 28 is not suitable for active treatments. On this day, relaxing evening baths with the addition of soothing oils: lavender, chamomile, sage will be appropriate. On the 27th, you can use masks that whiten the skin of the snout.

Running procedures at all times helped to preserve the beauty and youth of the skin, however, any weapon must be used with caution so that there are no allergic reactions. Any procedure should be tailored according to the type of skin, so that the effect is fun, and not a cause of disappointment.

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