Sep 22, 2022
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Beauty injections or botulinum therapy: is it safe?

Beauty injections or botulinum therapy: is it safe?beauty injections

The toxin secreted by Clostridium bacteria terrified people as early as the 18th century. It was known as a strong poison from which there is no escape. Various pundits fought over the search for an effective remedy that could save us from the terrible botulinum toxin. It took about two centuries before the mechanism of action of the protein was discovered. It turned out that the latter, getting into the body, had a negative impact on the process of transmission of nerve impulses. The mediators were blocked, so that the impulses did not go to the muscles. The latter relaxed, losing the ability to contract.

The above effect has interested physicians and cosmetologists. A huge number of drugs have appeared that are now in insane demand, for example, Xeomin.

The difference between them is in the form of stabilizing components and the dosage of botulinum toxin, but the doctor knows how to choose an injection based on the needs and individual properties of the body.

The role of Botox in cosmetology and medicine

Botulinum toxin injections are in demand, both now and in the past. However, not so long ago, deciding on them, one could get an extremely unpleasant result in the form of a frozen mask instead of a face. These times have passed, scientists have found a way to preserve natural facial expressions, so now everyone can safely sign up for an injection procedure, of course, if there are indications for it.

Why is Botox needed? It is often used for medicinal purposes in the presence of:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • excessive sweating;
  • torticollis;
  • asymmetry of the face resulting from the disease.

Men prefer injections in the palm of their hand to save themselves and the interlocutor from discomfort during a handshake. Women choose anti-aging procedures.

Intramuscular injections allow you to make the muscle responsible for facial expressions completely insensitive to nerve impulses. It stops shrinking and the wrinkles smooth out.

Of course, this effect will not last forever – it will take about 4 months, and the muscles will gradually return to their original state.

This procedure is absolutely safe. It can be recommended for both women and men. With the help of Botox, it is easy to get rid of creases on the chin and wrinkles on the neck, between the eyebrows or near the eyes. Botulinum therapy makes a person visually younger. Injections allow you to lift the muscles and get used to less active manifestations of emotions.

“Beauty injections” are harmless and quite affordable, but only a specialist can guarantee a quick and safe result from such procedures.

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