Jun 9, 2022
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Beautiful lips – advice from a wedding stylist

Beautiful lips - advice from a wedding stylist

One of the most important parts of a woman’s face is her lips. Lips can tell a lot about the character and disposition of a person. For example, a sure sign of an energetic character is thin lips. Friendliness and tranquility are wide. Pursed lips with downturned corners speak of pessimism. And plump soft lips and a small mouth speak of the sensitivity and capriciousness of nature.

There are quite a few ways to correct the shape of the lips. The wedding stylist, working with the bride on the creation of make-up, always pays attention to the lips and, if necessary, can change its shape with the help of cosmetics.

Modern wedding makeup allows the use of both lipstick and a variety of glosses in makeup. Makeup artists advise using gloss if you want to achieve a soft, gentle look, and use lipstick if you need a more saturated and clear makeup. For example, photo makeup involves the use of only lipstick and if you want to get perfect wedding photos, choose lipstick.

What color and tone suits you and how to paint lips correctly depending on their shape?

Wedding stylists advise women with full lips to avoid gloss and use lipstick, preferably light and pastel shades. In order for lipstick to last longer on the lips, apply foundation that was applied to the face on them and then powder. Only after that you can outline your lips with a contour pencil and apply lipstick.

In order to reduce and narrow the large mouth, it is also necessary to apply foundation and powder on the lips, and then draw a new contour with a pencil, shortening it in the corners and making it narrower. If you have a small mouth, on the contrary, outline the contours of the lips a little more and lengthen their corners a little. And in order not to draw attention to the lips, use light lipstick colors.

If you have one lip noticeably larger than the other, apply lipstick of the same color, but a darker tone, to it than the other.

Owners of narrow lips, on the contrary, can be advised to use gloss in wedding makeup, if necessary, first emphasizing the contour of the lips with a pencil.

If you paint your lips with lipstick, heed the advice of a wedding stylist:

  • When making up your face with foundation, also apply it to your lips.
  • Use a lip liner only if you want to define or define your lips.
  • If you correct the shape of the lips with a pencil, remember that you cannot deviate from the natural line by more than 1 mm, both up and down.
  • Start painting from the upper lip, moving from the center to the corners. Color the lower lip the other way around.
  • For more durability, first apply the first layer of lipstick with a brush, then blot lips with a tissue and apply the second layer.
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