Aug 17, 2022
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Beach umbrella plunged into woman’s chest and killed her

beach umbrella killed a womanResidents of Garden City (South Carolina, USA) still cannot recover from the incident that happened to one of the townspeople.

beach umbrella killed a woman

Tammy Perrault was relaxing on the beach when, quite unexpectedly, a beach umbrella, blown away by the wind, stuck into the chest of a 63-year-old woman. Rescuers, bystanders and visiting doctors tried to help the unfortunate, but to no avail. Tammy was taken to the emergency room, where she died.

beach umbrella killed a woman

The townspeople not only mourn the death of a lady whom many loved and respected, but also believe that someone should be held accountable for what happened. This is not about a tragic accident. If an umbrella rushes along the beach, this means that someone did not secure it well, and not an accident at all.

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