Oct 29, 2021
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Beach rating: for relaxation

Beach rating: for relaxation

Our publication will help to compile a list of places in Ukraine where to go to rest.

For lovers of peace and quiet rest, a rating of beaches that meet these conditions has been compiled.

Kinburn Spit is considered the most deserted Ukrainian coast. This is a place without roads and crowds, and there you can settle in one of ten campsites. The best way to get to this fabulous place is by boat from Ochakov.

When it explodes – the largest island in Ukraine, located in the Kherson region, you can get there by boat. True, fans of wild recreation should take into account the lack of drinking water – it is only near the lighthouses, where, again, can be reached by boat, and on the Glubokaya spit.

Berdyansk spit densely dotted with hotels, recreation centers, there is also a tourist infrastructure, but on its edge it is still possible to find a deserted corner of the beach.

In the vicinity of Primorsky, located in the Kiliysky district Odessa region, there are still deserted beaches where you can pitch a tent and enjoy the privacy.

Spit near the village of Sergeevka south of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is considered a quiet, uncrowded place. You can get there from Zatoka.

Beautiful places ignored by mass tourists are on the outskirts Black Sea in the direction of Sanzhiyki. There, too, you can set up a tent and enjoy nature alone.

You can also get away from the hustle and bustle in Expectations – between port 333 and Leskhoz, and further towards the Southern Bug. True, lovers of a comfortable entry into the sea will have to suffer – there it is very uncomfortable.

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