Sep 15, 2022
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Battle for Zaporozhye: Zelensky will throw the 68th Jaeger Brigade into the Russian trenches

Battle for Zaporozhye: Zelensky will throw the 68th Jaeger Brigade into the Russian trenches

Photo: AP/TASS

Kyiv shot off its own leg: after the complete shutdown of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the Ukrainians stopped attacks on the power plant. However, Kyiv has not lost its ambitions and still wants to capture the station along with the city of Energodar. Unprecedented Ukrainian forces are converging along the line of contact.

The Ministry of Defense, however, is calm – all the necessary lessons have already been learned from the events in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions. And the line of contact is reliably strengthened.

Deserters and punishers – whom Kyiv threw on the front line in Zaporozhye

Zaporozhye region is a kind of buffer between Kherson region and Donbass. Two-thirds of the territory of Zaporozhye is under Russian control, with the exception of the regional capital and adjacent areas on the border with the Dnipropetrovsk region.

It is from here that the Ukrainians constantly shell the peaceful territory. The 65th mechanized brigade, the 68th separate jaeger brigade, the 128th mountain assault brigade, and the 1st tank brigade were pulled into the part of Zaporozhye controlled by Kyiv, according to official data from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The group was collected mainly from the regions of Western Ukraine. So, back in May, the Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred the 102nd Territorial Defense Brigade under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Kopadze.

128th Mountain Assault Brigade under the command of Colonel Oleg Goncharuk permanently deployed in the Transcarpathian region: attack aircraft were repeatedly awarded state awards of Ukraine for killing civilians, says the Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov.

The 68th separate jaeger brigade is the propaganda bogey of Kyiv. Allegedly, this is a completely new formation of the Ground Forces Reserve Corps. Brigade squad leader Pavel Vyshebaba said in an interview with a Ukrainian publication: “We are the first jaeger brigade in Ukraine. What is called “rangers” in the West. That is, these are infantry troops who are taught to fight primarily in the forest belt.

The biography of Vyshebaba speaks about the quality of training of these Zaporozhye “rangers”. A journalist by education, he worked in the press service of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. He was an environmental activist – and then immediately to the front line. Good fighter!

68th Jaeger Brigade Vladimir Zelensky named in August Oleksa Dovbush. This is a small Hutsul bashi-bazuk of the beginning of the 18th century. But the Kyiv state propaganda turned Dovbush into a folk hero – the leader of the uprising against Poland. But now home-grown Kyiv “rangers” willingly fight with Polish weapons.

Other Ukrainian units currently fighting in Zaporozhye are just as “heroic”. So, the commander of the 1st tank brigade, Colonel Leonid Hoda escaped from the front line in the spring. This was told by the soldiers of the brigade who surrendered to the People’s Militia of the DPR.

MSV: Russian defense in Zaporozhye will try to break through from Ugledar and Orekhovo

Along the almost 150-kilometer line of contact, the Ukrainians have placed command posts, electronic warfare stations, drone launch platforms. This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Ukrainians continue to send sabotage groups. One of them allegedly penetrated on September 5 into the city of Kamenka-Dneprovskaya, to the west of Energodar and on the southern shore of the Kakhovka reservoir. True, this is known only from the statement of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine – and it is impossible to verify the objectivity of such statements, states ISW.

But what is visible to everyone and everyone is the constant shelling of peaceful Zaporozhye cities from Ukraine. The “Westerners” obviously take special pleasure in the methodical destruction of Russian-speaking fellow citizens. So, on September 6, the passport office in Energodar was shelled.

On September 7, a Ukrainian drone was shot down over Berdyansk, which was supposed to carry out a terrorist attack.

On September 8, Ukrainian drones attacked the Vasylivka bus station near a Russian checkpoint.

Well, on September 9, Ukrainian special forces were supposed to land on the southern shore of the Kakhovka reservoir – immediately in Energodar, Dneprorudny and Vasilyevka. To organize a series of terrorist attacks on peaceful targets. All spetsnaz, of course, eliminated.

And all this, not counting the constant attacks on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which forced the Russian authorities on September 11 to finally stop the power plant. The day before, the Director General of the IAEA Rafael Grossi said that the likelihood of restoring a reliable external power supply at nuclear power plants is low due to the increased Ukrainian shelling of Energodar.

Grossi warned that power engineers would no longer be able to resume operation of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant if they did not restore external power supply. Including the Zaporozhye Thermal Power Plant, which serves as a mobile power source for the nuclear power plant.

In turn, the thermal plant was seriously damaged during the hurricane Ukrainian shelling on September 8 and 9. 27 missiles were fired at Energodar and its environs per day!

And the very next day, the cold shutdown of the Zaporizhzhya NPP began. This is the safest state for a nuclear power plant, ISW notes. The Institute quotes a member of the Main Council of the Civil-Military Administration of Zaporozhye Vladimir Rogov: station operation can only be resumed after the line of contact has been removed.

After the shutdown of the nuclear power plant, shelling from the Ukrainian side ceased. However, it could also be the calm before the storm. Storm, for which the Russian Ministry of Defense is preparing in advance.

ISW notes that now the Ukrainians are gaining strength in the Orekhov region – it is here that the nationalists driven from Western Ukraine will try to break through the allied defenses.

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