Sep 23, 2021
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“Battle for Moscow”: Power goes all out with popular votes

In the photo: a ballot box with printed and encrypted data of voters who have chosen online voting at the Public Headquarters for Election Observation at the Expocentre Central Exhibition Complex

In the photo: a ballot box with printed and encrypted data of voters who have chosen online voting at the Public Headquarters for Election Observation at the Expocentre Central Exhibition Complex (Photo: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS)

Commenting exclusively for Svobodnaya Pressa on the results of the triune voting day, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov called remote voting “The main zone of falsification”… According to him, this has nothing to do with the Constitution, according to which the people are the main subject of power.

“There are 15 districts in the capital, and we have put forward a solid team here,” he stressed, in particular. – It was led by Rashkin, Obukhov, Parfenov, Other, Anastasia Udaltsova… They won at their polling stations by the results of the in-person voting. But the results of the electronic voting arrived, which no one can check, and suddenly pro-government candidates won in all 15 constituencies.

We cannot accept these results! I suggested setting up a commission and investigating the situation. The machinations that were carried out in these elections exceed any conceivable limits and have no analogues in our history. They lead to the destruction of the entire political system and to a sharp exacerbation of the situation, threatening a social explosion and confusion!

An interview with Gennady Zyuganov was published in SP on September 22 at 7-53 Moscow time. Exactly three hours later, at 10-57 Moscow time, the RBC portal reported that the capital’s Public Headquarters for Election Observation instructed a technical group to double-check the results of remote online voting by September 27.

“The headquarters has no right to make a decision on recount, this is a reconciliation. Reconciliation in order to confirm or not confirm suspicions that the results were calculated incorrectly. This is one small part, there is a lot of work ahead. “, – clarified at the same time the head of the election observation headquarters Alexey Venediktov

Answering a question from journalists about the possible results of such a reconciliation, a Kremlin official Dmitry Peskov called on “Do not guess on the coffee grounds”

According to him, this not only does not undermine, but on the contrary increases the level of confidence in the election results. “This is a demonstration of absolute transparency. From our point of view, this is exactly how it should be perceived “, – he stressed, adding that the Kremlin proceeds from the fact that electronic voting “Reliable, convenient and fast”, and some kind of audit is required solely in order to demonstrate to everyone that the system works absolutely flawlessly.

However, the representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation themselves have a completely different opinion on this matter.

– When on September 19 at 20-00 in the capital all polling stations were closed, all observers and members of the election commission from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation were instantly denied access to the so-called “observer node”, – recalled the “SP” Moscow City Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Engalycheva… – This access was absent for 12 hours, which is fixed by the relevant acts and statements. The formal excuse is the expiration of the certificate. But this leads to certain suspicions – what were its developers thinking, since it stopped acting at exactly 20-00?

If we draw parallels with paper voting, this is tantamount to the fact that immediately after the end of voting we were put out of the door of the polling station at the school and it was closed. It is impossible to say what happens to the ballots while standing outside the door. Are there “ticks” for the desired candidate, do the names fit into the voter lists, are signatures placed in the right places?

And now they tell us – please, let’s check something there. But you understand that when you are again allowed behind a closed door after such a period of time, it is logical to assume that inside, of course, everything will already lie as it should. The required surnames have been entered, the necessary signatures and ticks have been put down. It is no longer possible to determine what and how it actually happened, who actually voted for whom and who did not. What is the use, in fact, now to check what has already been patched up?

Against this background, I personally have a lot of questions. For example, what kind of numbers were they given to us by online voting? What are these fantastic Muscovites who, in a city with a parliament, where almost half of the opposition is confidently elected in 2019, gave such stunning figures to pro-government candidates?

“SP”: – Are you sure that this could not have happened in reality?

– First, let’s remember how we were inspired in 2019 by the victories of opposition candidates in the elections to the Moscow City Duma. And now look what is happening now in social networks, what is the absolute negative that users unanimously express, even against self-proclaimed deputies? Everyone, except for the pro-government “bots” and government officials, are outraged by what is happening. People believe that in the course of ordinary voting, representatives of the ruling party won in some polling stations, and the opposition in some polling stations, but they do not believe that, according to the results of online voting, almost 2 million votes were given exclusively to pro-government candidates. practically nobody.

Look at the streets, where there are jubilant crowds of people congratulating each other on the victory of United Russia? Where are the festive festivities on this occasion? Neither the people congratulate anyone, nor the leaders of political parties to each other, I do not hear that. In this situation, the authorities have no choice but to try to keep at least some face.

– Our candidate Denis Parfyonov, during the paper vote, won against his opponent, the actor Pevtsova about 2.5 thousand votes, but the electronic voting that followed, like a multiple launch rocket system, at once “poured” about 30 thousand additional votes, – he gave an example politician, public figure, member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Tetyokin… – It is clear that in this situation, there will be no real recount of votes as a result of this reconciliation, which Alexei Venediktov hinted at. All this will be carefully hidden, and people will simply open a certain “lid” and say something like “That virtual box over there was all the electronic data of voters, which means that everything is clean and legitimate, well, that’s enough for you.”… All this is just an attempt to keep a good face in a bad game, since many people suspect that, figuratively speaking, it could not have done without twitching the cards.

“SP”: – That is, it is logical to assume that this, contrary to the expectations of Mr. Peskov, will not increase any people’s trust in the electronic electoral system?

– This, I think, will only undermine the legitimacy of both this mechanism and the elections themselves. Nobody will change anything, you don’t even have to dream about it. This is not a question of a recount of votes, but of some kind of reconciliation. Nobody knows what it will be like. Most likely, there will be some public figures duly motivated to say – yes, we were present during the verification, everything is fine.

On this, I suppose, everything will end. The power, as I see it, will desperately stand still, because its main task, in my opinion, was to prevent the Moscow communists from entering this State Duma.

“SP”: – Why did the capital’s communists become displeasing to her, that she decided to start such a “battle for Moscow”?

– What is the State Duma? In fact, this is the same institution that determines the rules of the game in the socio-political space. She plays a key role in the approval of the government and the state budget. And the ruling elite understands perfectly well – come there, God forbid, there are a lot of communists, then it will not be possible to steal the people’s money so smartly, they will not give it. But plundering the people’s property is the main goal of these guys and oligarchs. And as soon as they have a lot of money and adress at their disposal, they are going all out. It still does not smell of any democracy here.

“SP”: – It turns out that Venediktov, despite the fact that he is the editor-in-chief of a media outlet that publishes materials for the opposition authorities, has now played just against the Communist Party of the Russian Federation?

– Of course. The fact is that all this supposedly liberal opposition with the current government is like the players of different teams of the same club. It’s just that the former are allowed to slightly bite the latter so that the latter do not bury themselves too much and rage when plundering the people’s wealth, so as not to provoke a popular revolution. That’s all their “opposition”, they do not give a damn about the observance of human rights.

Well, perhaps one mandate will eventually be given to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and even then this will happen only under the most optimistic, in my opinion, scenario of the development of events. And so, it seems to me, everything will end with the fact that all the members of the Central Executive Committee will turn out to be downright infallible angels in white robes. However, one must understand that in the mood of the masses, this situation has actually caused tectonic shifts. All these manipulations with public opinion fit to compare with plugging the valves of a steam boiler. Which from this, as you know, will sooner or later be scattered to shreds with terrible force.

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