Sep 7, 2022
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Battle for Kharkov: Kyiv has now relied on Balakleya

Battle for Kharkov: Kyiv has now relied on Balakleya

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

PR generals Vladimir Zelensky again trying to divert the attention of the Ukrainian and Western public from military losses. This time they tried to organize an attempted “counteroffensive” – ​​not in the Kherson, but in the Kharkov region. True, the attempt bogged down, as did the political technologists from Bankovskaya who promised to tell about her “great news”.

National Interest: Ukraine failed to regain even an inch of land in the Kharkiv region

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine. And gaining control over this city remained one of the most important tasks of Russia in both the first and second phases of the special operation, a military analyst writes. Mark Episkopos from the National Interest.

Back in the summer, Kyiv announced the start of a “counteroffensive” in the Kharkov region, as a result of which Russian troops were allegedly thrown back to the border with the Belgorod region. However, all this turned out to be another fake. Moreover, it was refuted not only by the data of the Russian Ministry of Defense, but also by independent analysts.

In recent days, Kyiv hoped that all the attention of the Russian military would be diverted to the Kryvyi Rih-Nikolaev direction, where the so-called “counteroffensive” began on August 28. It was accompanied by loud statements: three months before Kyiv allegedly began to prepare for a breakthrough to the Dnieper.

However, no statements succeeded in diverting Russian military intelligence from the fact that, in parallel, the people of Kiev want to treacherously strike in the Kharkiv region as well. This is evidenced by the data of American military analysts from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Since the beginning of September, ISW has noted a temporary transition to defensive tactics in the Kharkiv direction. The last Russian attacks registered by ISW analysts were on August 28 in the direction of Dovzhenko and Bogorodichny (20-25 km south of Izyum, near the border in the DPR), on August 30 – in the direction of Uda, which had previously passed under Russian control (32 km north of Kharkov), and already on August 31 – in the direction of Prudyanka (25 km north of Kharkov).

MSV: all Ukrainian saboteurs were killed on the way to the Belgorod region

Actually, by that time there was no need for attacks with a long shoulder. But since the beginning of September, according to the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Russian troops holding the defensive line between Kharkov and Izyum have taken up protected lines. This is what made it possible to minimize Russian losses in the course of Ukrainian sabotage.

Russia’s defensive tactics are also aimed at eliminating the possibility of advancing individual groups to the Russian border. For example, on September 1, a Ukrainian reconnaissance group of 12 people tried to break through near Dementievka (north of Kharkov, near the border with the Belgorod region). The sabotage group, of course, was destroyed.

Along the line of contact, Russian drones are loitering, excluding the penetration of new saboteurs. At the same time, the allied forces were systematically destroying military installations in Kharkov and its northern and northeastern environs. And every day, according to ISW, Russian forces expanded the shelling zone.

Hard processing was carried out – air, rocket and artillery – in the triangle between the villages of Bayrak, Gusarovka and Chepel (south of Balakleya). It was here that the people of Kiev concentrated their forces.

Kharkov region was stuffed with Polish and German mercenaries. And in the vicinity of Balakleya, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, an air assault brigade was deployed.

In an attempt to expand the bridgehead, the Ukrainians fired on Russian positions and logistics hubs in Kupyansk and Semyonovka. Since the beginning of September, single strikes have been carried out on separate targets in Vovchansk, Novoosinovka and Balakliya.

Telegraph: Zelensky’s adviser was afraid of his own “revelations”

British military journalists Roland Oliphant as well as Joe Barnes from the publication The Telegraph believe that in the coming weeks, the Ukrainians will try to carry out an attack on Balakliya. The city lies in a bend in the Seversky Donets River, and control of Balakleya would facilitate a Ukrainian attempt to encircle (or partially encircle) Izyum. Izyum, in turn, Russia has turned into a stronghold for the attack on the Donbass.

Kyiv, however, so far only spewing saliva, not shells. Announcing an apparent counterattack in the Kharkiv region, an adviser to the presidential administration of Ukraine Sergey Leshchenko stated that there would be “great news from the President”. Leshchenko later deleted the post on the social network.

At the same time, Zelensky’s PR advisers continue to accuse Russia of attacking peaceful targets in the Kharkiv region. No confirmation has been provided. But there is plenty of evidence that Ukrainian officials in the Kharkiv region betrayed their people.

So, against the background of the “counteroffensive”, the director of the Department of Land Relations of the Kharkiv City Hall was fired Sergey Kolesnik. He did not hesitate to show off on social networks a photo of the most luxurious vacation in Nice, where he travels in a Porsche with Ukrainian license plates.

The driver didn’t even apologize…

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