Apr 23, 2022
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Battle for Donbass: West will supply Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons worth $100 billion

In the photo: American anti-aircraft missile systems "Patriot"

In the photo: American anti-aircraft missile systems “Patriot” (Photo: AP / TASS)

In that part of Ukraine where the Kyiv regime still rules ZelenskyWestern aid, primarily military aid, is being promoted to the fullest. Zhovto-Blakit media workers led by a fake thrower Arestovich claim that the artillery famine will end in the very near future. In particular, the newspaper “Patriots of Ukraine” writes that the UK is already sending heavy weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and in the volumes requested by the General Staff of Banderstadt.

This information is confirmed by the Reuters news agency, which quotes the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to him, a new phase of the conflict has begun in Ukraine, which means, “This will become an artillery confrontation, they need artillery support, and this is what we provide them … in addition to many other forms of support.”

But none of the Ukrainian journalists knows under what conditions the delivery is taking place. According to the crumbs of information that break through from the office of the president (OP), we are talking about selling exclusively on credit, and at high interest rates. The Britons explain to the citizens that 10% per year is still godly for a country like Ukraine. And yes, you don’t need to worry at all. Like, we’ll take the money from the frozen Russian gold reserves.

Following the British, the Romanians got excited. Insiders from the OP report that Bucharest has already sent a proposal to Kyiv that “Romania has agreed to sell MiG-21 Lancer fighters to Ukraine.” This is surprising in that the command of the Ukrainian Air Force requested only the MiG-29 and Su-27 from the Soviet aircraft. However, in the “square” for many decisions it is difficult to find at least some reasonable explanation. For this aviation second-hand Bucharest wants to receive money as for brand new fighters, and, with a high degree of probability, will receive it.

Facebookers* close to Ze and Co. informed the community about the new victory: “The offer to sell 10-15 MiG-21 Lancers has already been submitted to the president’s office.” Interestingly, there was no refusal, although Ukrainian air force experts assessed the state and combat potential of the Romanian Lancer as zero. Nevertheless, the deal will take place, experts are sure. This is how the Kyiv regime is ready to compensate Bucharest for the loss of a fighter jet shot down by Ukrainian air defenses in early March over the Black Sea.

According to the Romanians, the MiG-21 Lancer has undergone a deep modernization and is equipped with Western radars, avionics, electronic countermeasures, and helmet-mounted displays. They say, yes, they look somehow very old-fashioned, but it is precisely such a fighter, remind the Bucharest media, that the Indian Bison shot down a fairly modern F-16 in the sky over Kashmir on February 27, 2019.

The only question is, how much do Romanians want to sell Lancer for? Certainly, the details of the deal will remain a secret. Despite the defeats at the fronts, an almost festive mood reigns in the OP. It’s simple: no one controls the “quarters”, which means very “pleasant” rollbacks. Everyone is well aware that these specific Lancers will be shot down and the pilots will die, which means that it will be possible to argue that super-duper cars with “golden” options were bought.

Zelensky has actually gone on a rampage and is already demanding contracts worth $100 billion from NATO at the expense of frozen Russian gold reserves. By the way, earlier the Kyiv regime promised to use this money for the restoration of civilian infrastructure.

So, in the application, which lay on the table of the NATO commander in Europe, General of the US Air Force But Waltersa total of more than 200 aircraft are listed, including 51 MiG-29s, 36 Su-25s, 72 Su-27s, and about 50 American F-16s and Swedish JAS-39s.

We can safely assume that several dozen pilots of the “Square” are already urgently learning to fly NATO fighters, and their maintenance will most likely be carried out in Poland.

This list also includes a request for 363 mobile medium-range air defense systems, including S-300 and Patriot, for 400 Tochka-U missiles, 228 American ATACMS and 64 Israeli Laura, with a range of 270 and 400 km for “retribution” strikes against Russian cities. Separately, it refers to the desire to buy 400 tanks: 200 T-72s and Leopards each. Well, the rest of the small things will pull twenty billion.

Judging by the appetites of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and, most importantly, the specifics of the order, details are being worked out, including safe delivery routes. From how quickly these orders will be fulfilled, according to the Kyiv regime, the fate of the “nenka” will depend. On the other hand, many Ukrainian bloggers who are not members of the “Chernobaevka Witnesses Sect” (meaning that part of the “square” society that believes Arestovich’s fakes – ed.), wonder who, in fact, will fight with these weapons?

After the Russian side published data on the losses of the Ukrainian side, we can safely say that from a third to a half of the personnel of the regular army was put out of action. Based on the classical formula for the ratio of killed and wounded, a total of up to 90 thousand AFU soldiers died or are being treated for wounds in hospitals. But of the latter, many simply will not survive or will be disabled due to poor medical care.

About a third of the Ukrainian army, at the whim of Zelensky, they want to kill in the Donbass and Zaporozhye. According to open sources, now on the Kharkiv-Gulyaipole arc, combat-ready units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the 4th, 17th tank brigades and the 92nd mechanized brigade, which are part of the Vostok operational command, are being reinforced with new units. The General Staff is transferring four more brigades to their aid from the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions: the 72nd and 93rd mechanized, the 10th mountain assault and the 46th airborne assault.

In total, almost 90 thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who not only have good military training, dug in here. Yes, there are reservists, but no one seriously counts on them. So-so – cannon fodder.

If this whole group gets into the cauldron, then $100 billion in military assistance simply won’t be needed. In this regard, interesting information appeared in the Ukrainian telegram channels. It turns out that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is actively selling weapons to the countries of Africa and Asia through controlled companies, moreover, quite legally.

In the legislation of the “square” there is a special amendment No. 1919, according to which surplus weapons can be sold on foreign markets without the consent of the political leadership. This case is being handled by the Tekhimpeks Science and Manufacturing Company, which has already successfully pushed armored cars, tanks, machine guns, rifles, grenades and even body armor, mostly Polish. Moreover, the list of exported weapons, which has become public, is 970 pages long.

It was popularly explained to the Zhovto-Blakit people that “the state needs money,” and “surplus positions” allegedly go beyond the cordon. The public there, of course, does not believe in this, since now all the “chiefs”, except for soldiers and lower officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “make money”. For example, a number of independent sources from Galicia reported that police officers in Western Ukraine are trying to seize Jevelin, Stinger, NLAW portable missile systems and other military aid, which, in theory, should be at their checkpoints and warehouses from the defense units.

We are talking, by the way, about large volumes. Here, far from the fighting, there are somewhere between 10-15% of the Jevelin complexes, at least 25% of the NLAW complexes and about 10% of the Stinger MANPADS. However, the Westerners said that they did not have anything and never had it. In short, “go to hell.”

In the Ivano-Frankivsk region, the enterprising head of one of the departments of the leadership of the Podgaetska rural community with his team of friends set up a scheme for selling humanitarian aid, body armor, helmets and other things that are sorely lacking at the front. And these cases are a dime a dozen.

Zelensky demands to ban these leaks of zrada, although the Western media already hide the facts of total corruption of the General Staff and the Office of the President. According to Ze, Ukrainian social networks undermine morale by reporting true stories of the incredible enrichment of some smart people, while other fools fight to the last drop of blood.

* The Facebook social network is owned by the Meta company, which was recognized as an extremist organization by the Tver Court of Moscow on March 21, 2022. Meta’s activity in Russia is prohibited.

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