Dec 29, 2020
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Battle for billions. Friends threw the star hockey player Radulov with money

34-year-old Russian striker Alexander Radulov currently plays for the Dallas Stars in the NHL. More than ten years ago, he started working with one of the banks owned by his friends. All this time, he transferred his earnings to this bank and only recently found out that the license was revoked from the financial organization and now it will be very, very difficult to return the invested 1.5 billion rubles.

It has long been no secret that for serious athletes one of the main problems in life is the correct investment of the large sums of money earned in a career. Not everyone succeeds in preserving them. Dealers always revolve around eminent footballers and hockey players who want to get to their accounts in one way or another. has told about such stories more than once. Sports fans remember the attacker’s “investment” Alexandra Kerzhakova to an oil plant near Voronezh. Or the deception of a whole group of football players who invested their savings at interest in Zamoskvoretsky Bank. The legendary fell under fraudulent schemes in hockey Sergey Fedorov, who lost about $ 60 million.

It seems that a sad fate befell another famous Russian hockey player Alexandra Radulova. Two-time world champion (2008, 2009) has been playing overseas in the NHL for the last five years. After leaving CSKA in 2016, his clubs were the Montreal Canadiens (2016-17) and the Dallas Stars (2017 – present). At about the same time, on the advice of friends, he opened an account in the Transnational Bank, which is owned by a well-known Sergey Kononov… Several years ago, the bank’s license was revoked, but there was no hurry to inform Radulov about it.

“I learned that the bank is revoking licenses, not from these people, who were my friends, but from third parties. I went to talk. They told me that everything is fine and everyone will return: “We’re friends.” As a result, so far nothing has been returned.

Every meeting I get some incomprehensible answers and promises. They are not implemented in any way. Relatives advised me to come and check the documents. We started checking everything with lawyers.

We realized that we still need to meet. We met, but I heard nothing new. Then I decided to contact the authorities. What other option? ” – Radulov complained to “Russia 24”.

Moreover, the problem with money is not the only one for Radulov. Problems with the bank began five years ago, but then, apparently, only the hockey player who had returned to America had no time to solve them – he had to pursue a career. As a guarantee that everything is fine with the bank, an acquaintance wrote two premises in the center of Moscow worth about $ 15 million to Radulov. However, later it turned out that the amount was greatly overestimated, and the premises themselves were leased from the city and, according to the law, could not be sold.

Alexander Radulov is not the only eminent athlete who suffered from the machinations of Sergey Kononov with accomplices. True, scammers previously managed to convince VIP clients that they would be refunded all funds and there was nothing to worry about. However, Radulov with a lawyer Sergey Tashkov decided not to play these games anymore and filed a report with the police.

“Sasha is coming to Russia this year, while the quarantine is in progress, we are starting to understand the documents and understand that this is a banal deception. We tried to somehow resolve the issue, to meet with these people pre-trial, in the world order, they began to run away from us.

Now all this has been revealed. The first athlete will announce this problem, others will follow him. But we have the biggest contribution. Radulov invested about 1.5 billion, ”Tashkov said.

The hockey player’s lawyer also said that the news of the filing of the application angered the bankers. Allegedly, they began to behave aggressively and even threatened to request all information about the possible non-payment of taxes by Radulov in the United States. “This is a strange threat, because in the US it is impossible not to pay taxes. “They didn’t know about it. The managers laughed. They said: “Fools, or what?” We decided to cover it, “Tashkov added.

It is interesting that even the father of Alexander Radulov tried to knock out money from the owner of the bank. Valery Radulov… But he did not succeed either.

“He practically did not pick up the pipes. Very rarely, or said he would call back. He did not take pipes from me at all. And I came to the office. There he told me that he had no time.

He knew perfectly well why I came. He said that he had meetings. He did it on purpose because he was not going to give the money. ”

Apparently, this story has not yet been settled, and the matter is only gaining momentum. It is very difficult to predict how everything will end. But, as a rule, such amounts are never returned. Surely the money has long been hidden in offshore accounts, and you can’t get to it. It happens that fraudsters even prefer to sit behind bars for several years (if they are caught), but to save substantial funds obtained by fraud. Time will tell how it will be in the case of Radulov.

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