Feb 16, 2021
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Bath recipes for beauty, youth and health

Bath recipes for beauty, youth and health

Any young lady will be able to preserve beauty and youth for many years if she takes note of the grandfathers’ recipes. In the old days, trips to the bathhouse were not limited to washing, and women without fail whiled away the rituals they visited for recovery, preservation of attractiveness and youth.

In the modern world, many go to saunas to relax, steam and restore health. Experts recommend using proven recipes to make a trip to the sauna or steam bath not only cute, but also useful. The use of cosmetic weapons, coupled with conspiracies, will help to gain health, maintain attractiveness and beauty for many years, if you do not neglect the advice of our grandfathers.

After steaming the skin, any suitable mask of natural origin is applied: it can be clay, honey, brewed herbal gruel or natural cosmetics with the addition of sea salts. After application, the mask is washed off, and then washed three times with infusion of calendula and chamomile with the words:

“I preserve my beauty, I nourish the forces of nature. As if flowers bow to the morning dawn, they pour in strength, so much will I show my beauty to the world, I will ask nature for favor. “

After completing the procedure, the whole body is wiped with an infusion of herbs, and then rinsed with cool water, saying:

“I wash off years from myself, I return beauty. As if chamomile shines with whiteness, my skin renews my strength. As if a bright calendula attracts bees, my beauty will not leave anyone indifferent. I attract beauty, I ask for help from nature ”.

After the completion of the bath procedures, our grandfathers invariably bowed to the bathhouse and thanked her for the mercy shown, not forgetting to leave gifts to the bathhouse, the creatures that live in baths and keep order.

A simple procedure will help maintain a radiant and healthy appearance, youth and attractiveness. To do this, after steaming, they wash themselves with spring or melt water, saying:

“I will whiten my skin with thawed snow, I will return my youth with spring water. As if I wash, I will shine so much, I don’t know old age for long years. Fresh water gives me life-giving strength, in return it takes my old age, returns to the earth, renews the natural cycle. “

Those who are seasoned and confident in their health can plunge into an ice-hole and wipe themselves with snow in the winter stage, repeating the words of the conspiracy again.

A visit to a bath or sauna will help heal from ailments or prevent the development of illnesses. For this, brooms are prepared in advance: juniper, oak and birch. After steaming, they first take a birch broom and, using it, they say:

“I knock sickness out of my body, drive sickness off myself with a birch. As if the tree was forcibly poured, nourished by the juices of the earth and the sunlight, so much will my body be worshiped by nature, and all illnesses will pass by. “

Then they take a broom from a juniper and, using it, read the plot:

“I banish illnesses from myself, I wish to be strong again. As if the needles cried into me, they will stretch out all the filth, they will protect me, they will heal from diseases. “

Then the plot is read on an oak broom:

“The mighty oak has been gaining strength over the years, it has been growing for centuries, does not give itself offense. I will steam with an oak broom, I will take its strength into myself, I will drive the sickness out of my body. As if a tree is sound, I am so far from old age. “

A similar ceremony can be extended over several days, using one broom in one go.

Recipes for beauty and youth have been used since ancient times, and over time they have not lost their relevance. Using natural ingredients and reading proven conspiracies, everyone can maintain health, strength and beauty for many years.

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