Nov 25, 2021
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Bastrykin seeks fame: How well is the head of the UK suitable for the role of Putin’s successor?

Photo: Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin

In the photo: Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS)

Unexpected public activity of the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexandra Bastrykina lately has been prompting the thought of his political ambitions. Considering that the head of the Investigative Committee by the nature of his position is a person completely loyal to the state system, the question arises of who can be behind the new political project.

At the conference “The Role of Law in Ensuring Human Well-being” Bastrykin announced the need to cancel the Unified State Exam. The head of the IC called the unified state examination “torture for young people” and called for a return to the Soviet education system, which, in his words, “was the best in the world.”

The media did not have time to work out the news feed, when just a few hours later a new, very hype statement by Bastrykin appeared on the tapes. This time – with a frank “hitting” on a popular rapper among young people Morgenstern… “Blogger Morgenstern sells drugs, in fact, on social networks. And we are sitting here, discussing in abstract terms what the highest value means and human rights cannot be violated, ”the chairman of the Investigative Committee stunned the public.

From the outside, all this looks like an attempt to win the trust of the conservative part of society. Representatives of various opposition groups have long been talking about the cancellation of the exam and the “corrupting” songs of Morgenstern. And then suddenly the one whose duties include the investigation of socially dangerous acts spoke directly about this.

Quite recently, Bastrykin suddenly became concerned with the spiritual and moral education of students of departmental universities. He wanted to discuss this topic with a famous actress. Svetlana Svetlichnaya… True, he could not, she was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital.

In October, Bastrykin suddenly awarded the artists and the man who had been beaten up in the Moscow metro with departmental awards. According to lawyer Evgeny Teterev, a case in the history of the UK is simply unthinkable:

– Still, good actors, good directors, good films and series should be awarded cinematic awards, and not departmental awards from the investigating authorities. ICR departmental awards are given for other merit and other people. Earlier, the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia awarded a man beaten in the Moscow metro by Dagestanis. Can anyone remember the cases when the victim in a criminal case was awarded the departmental award of the investigation? But there are up to and more cases when the victim passed into the status of the accused. In Soviet times, citizens who distinguished themselves in maintaining public order were awarded certificates of honor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, personalized watches, but not departmental awards.

After a rather controversial award, Bastrykin managed to receive a large number of citizens with their appeals, and arranged scolding to subordinates. And even earlier, Bastrykin initiated the creation of a special unit in the UK to combat the falsification of history. What is all this if not a planned PR campaign?

But Bastrykin is not a deputy, not a senator, not a leader of a party or social movement. He is in the civil service and knows the chain of command very well. And then he suddenly began to speak about cinema, and about music, and about national history. Was he prompted to start active?

For a long time, the so-called “political get-together” has been discussing the candidacy of a possible successor Vladimir Putin as head of state. The surname of the Minister of Defense is often called Sergei Shoigu… The same as a brutal head of state, a man of action, a patriot. But Alexander Bastrykin has similar qualities.

There is one more important point. Regardless of what the activity of the head of the Investigative Committee is connected with in the media field, the ideological trend towards conservatism has become very clear in power circles. On the eve of the 2008 presidential elections, the choice was between the conventionally conservative Sergey Ivanov and relatively liberal Dmitry Medvedev… And the choice was made in favor of the latter. Now it is obvious that the choice will be between different shades of conservatism. Of those who, even in their thoughts, do not expect a change in the trend towards strengthening state control over the life of society.

Doctor of Political Science, Professor of the Moscow Institute of National and Regional Relations, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Civil Coalition “Third Power” Igor Skurlatov believes that now we are facing a struggle between two power blocs within the government:

– After Bastrykin’s statements on the Unified State Exam and Morgenstern, the thought of the political ambitions of the head of the UK may really arise. But analysts are leaning towards a different version. The fact is that clouds have been gathering for a long time around the career future of Bastrykin himself. Now the question of his resignation is being raised.

And against this background, Bastrykin is trying to promote himself and establish himself in some kind of positive agenda. But there is no positive agenda. His initiatives find no support either in the Kremlin or among the broad masses. And you can remember how Bastrykin wanted to educate young investigators together with actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya, and she immediately ended up in a psychiatric hospital. That is, the negative in his speeches clearly outweighs the positive. The assistants to the head of the Investigative Committee are extremely unsuccessful in suggesting moves. Bastrykin has become the leader of the agenda, he is being discussed. But – in a negative way.

“SP”: – Bastrykin is hardly the person who will start making statements solely of his own free will.

– Now there are two strong groups in the Kremlin. The first is the liberal power bloc, it is the strongest and, in my opinion, can be considered Putin’s collective successor. The second group is the guardians. They are not in trend now. And between these two groups in the system there is a struggle, as a rule, undercover. But sometimes something breaks into the public plane.

It is important to understand that Bastrykin is not part of the president’s inner circle. If you compare it with figures such as Patrushev and Bortnikov, then this is a supporting figure. But on his own, he probably would not have made loud statements. But as a representative of his guard group, he is forced to do something. So that his opinion and the opinion of his comrades-in-arms are taken into account by the president.

All the more so now. Serious personnel changes in the government are expected in December. We are talking about a kind of reboot of public sentiment, so that the new year is perceived as a year of hope. Accordingly, these attitudes must be supported by some kind of simulacrum. The easiest way is to make high-profile resignations and appointments, create the illusion of changes in the highest echelons of power.

But I would like to emphasize that the liberal power bloc is much stronger and more resourceful than the protection bloc, which includes Bastrykin. Therefore, his fate as the head of the Investigative Committee looks ghostly. Most likely, he will not hold out. And in general, a blow will be dealt to the guard block.

And we are not talking about the transfer of power from the first person. If someone thinks that Putin will hand over power to someone, then this will not happen. But there will be reshuffles at the top, which determine foreign and domestic policy. Bastrykin and his associates are nervous, trying to stay afloat.

“SP”: – Bastrykin is known as a supporter of “tightening the screws.” Will this ideology be the trend of the state? What alternative to society can the government offer?

– Indeed, there is a struggle of ideologies. The representative of the guard block Bastrykin looks quite archaic. A sort of bearer, turned back towards the past, albeit a great one. But all his postulates are not in trend.

But what are the alternatives? The ideology of the liberal-force represents the ideas of world globalism, which is everywhere trying to plant the so-called “new normalcy”.

In fact, we are talking about digital neo-serfdom. This is widespread de-industrialization through the introduction of various lockdowns, that is, stopping the country’s economic development.

This is the destruction of the family and traditional values ​​through the establishment of new norms of cohabitation. At the same time, they plan to cancel cash, transfer everything to non-cash.

And these representatives of world globalism today are in charge of education and finance in Russia. Only a group of security officials is opposing. But this, in my opinion, is a doomed struggle.

The president himself does not want to drop out of the world agenda. He cannot but participate in green summits and accept new rules of the game. But you have to be strong with someone, and Putin has chosen a global trend. This is reflected in both domestic policy and personnel appointments. So the fate of Bastrykin and his associates is unenviable.

The guardian ideology will remain in the part related to the support of political stability and the fight against the opposition.

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