Jun 1, 2022
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“Bastards”: Joseph Prigogine supported Alla Pugacheva

Iosif Prigozhin does not miss a single scandal in show business. He comments on all the more or less significant events and periodically gets involved in conflicts with other celebrities.

"Bastards": Joseph Prigogine supported Alla Pugacheva

And a few days ago there was a resonant incident – Alla Pugacheva was sent obscene language in a running line on the building of the Ostankino television center, and Prigogine has already spoken out about this.

“I think that the biggest foul thing is when people try to belittle all those who have ever had merit. Alla Pugacheva left the stage and announced it publicly, deciding to devote her life to little children. And insulting parents is the lowest. says that she is not bad, but those who have stooped to insults. Those who have left, arrived, traveling people are considered traitors. Here they are the very scoundrels, “Joseph said in an interview with

But Pugacheva herself reacted to what happened more calmly.

"Bastards": Joseph Prigogine supported Alla Pugacheva

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