Apr 20, 2021
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Basta published his children’s picture with his mother on the occasion of his own birthday

03:33, 04/20/2021

The rapper is 41 years old.

April 20 celebrates the birthday of Vasily Vakulenko, better known as Basta. He himself reminded fans of this date in his microblog on Instagram. The hip-hop artist turned 41, and on his holiday he remembered the woman who gave him life. Vasily published an archive photo with his mother on the social network. “Thank you mom for my 41 (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Prim. line.)“, – signed Basta black and white frame from the family photo album.

Vasily was born into a military family in Rostov-on-Don, where he studied, and in two schools. In addition to general education, he studied music, where he was brought by his grandmother, who was sure that musical literacy would be useful to his grandson in adulthood. At the age of 15, Vakulenko gathered his first hip-hop collective and began to write rap. He decided to connect his life with music – he entered the music school at the conductor’s department, but was expelled due to poor progress.

Vasily Vakulenko with his mother

In 2004, Vasily moved to Moscow and met the metropolitan rap crowd. Together with rapper Guf Vakulenko he recorded a cover of his song “My Game”, created in 1998. In 2006, the first album of the rising hip-hop star “Basta 1” was released, and the clip “Autumn” hit television.

Since then, the rapper has firmly established himself on TV: he was a mentor for three seasons of the Voice project on Channel One and as many seasons of the Voice for children, including the 2021 season. In the seventh season, Olesya Kazachenko became the winner of the show “Voice. Children ”, and her mentor Basta was named the best mentor of the season. In addition, Vakulenko was one of the jury members of the Voice of the Street project on the Friday! Channel, as well as a mentor in the Songs show on TNT.


We add that Basta is a co-owner of the Gazgolder label, which organizes concerts and promotes young artists. Telling reporters in February 2021 about how his company survived the pandemic, the rapper admitted that he did not lay off any of his employees. “I have 450 people working, and this year we have not fired a single one. I always say that I have a golden composition, and we take care of everyone. Financial losses, of course, are serious … You know, I’m an elderly person, I’ve gone through so many crises in my life: in the nineties, zero, tenth … Therefore, I am calm, “Basta said.

Vasily Vakulenko with his wife Elena

Among the first artists, he organized a big concert in a pandemic, gathering fans of his work in the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. True, the owners of the concert venue were eventually punished with a fine, although the rapper responded to the claims of Rospotrebnadzor that all safety measures at the concert were observed.

In addition to musical creativity, Vasily Vakulenko is fond of sports, and since 2019 he also owns the SKA football club of his native Rostov-on-Don. As for the artist’s personal life, since 2009 he has been married to Elena Pinskaya, with whom he brings up two daughters, Mary and Vasilisa

Vasily Vakulenko with his daughter

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