Feb 21, 2021
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Basta on the air of the show “Voice. Children “said that Svetlana Loboda has no heart

10:51, 02/21/2021

The singer was outraged by the statement of a colleague.

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On the air of Channel One, blind auditions of the eighth season of the show “Voice. Children”. Star mentors Svetlana Loboda, Basta and Yegor Creed are recruiting participants to their teams. This process is not complete without disputes and even sarcastic statements addressed to each other.

Rapper Basta in the new issue tried to hurt Svetlana Loboda several times during a conversation with young contestants. The singer appreciated the performance of one of the participants. She stated that she wants to see the boy on her team. Svetlana noted that her heart was jumping out of excitement. To which Basta answered her. “Yes, the heart cannot jump out. You don’t have it! ” – said the performer. Loboda did not appreciate her colleague’s remark. She turned a critical gaze in his direction. After that, Basta tried to turn everything into a joke: “I didn’t tell you, but Yegor,” the artist noted.

Basta, Svetlana Loboda

However, after that Basta tried to hurt Loboda several times. When Svetlana asked one of the participants to sing what to understand “to fight for her or not,” the rapper seized on it. “This is where Loboda appeared! Lady on delivery! ” – shouted Basta. Let us remind you that this is Svetlana Loboda who previously was the mentor of the show “Voice. Children ”, in which the winner was the daughter of the singer Alsou. After the outbreak of a scandal in which the star family was accused of buying votes, Loboda’s producer Natella Krapivina said that for the singer, the story of this show was over. However, in the new season, Svetlana unexpectedly appeared again.

“I come back to help the most talented children start their star path and give unrestrained strength not to be afraid and to believe that someone born for the stage will definitely conquer it,” Loboda explained. Basta, in turn, also appears not for the first time in the chair of the star mentor. But for Yegor Creed, this was his debut. The singer admitted that he was invited to the project before, but he could not participate.

“Over the past years, negotiations have been held regarding my participation in the project“ Voice. Children ”as a musical mentor, but various circumstances did not allow this to happen. And now the moment has come. I will be glad to share my experience with the participants, and with someone, perhaps, I will continue to cooperate afterwards, ”said Creed.

Basta, Svetlana Loboda and Yegor Creed

But the appearance of Yegor as a mentor was not appreciated by everyone. So, Ivan Urgant on the air of his show “Evening Urgant” commented on the appointment of the artist in his usual ironic manner. “I think he is a good mentor. And where is it written that people who understand music should work on the jury? And I think it is very good that Yegor Creed will become a jury member of the children’s project. After all, he, like no one else, knows the language and memes, watches films and streams, the music they listen to, conducts social networks, he can understand game consoles and computer games, ”said Urgant.

Permanent host of the show “Voice. Children ”Dmitry Nagiyev said: it is too early for Yegor to be a mentor. The actor noted that at the age of 26, Creed himself still needs to learn. And only then will he be able to bear the title of “mentor”.

Egor Creed

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