Feb 18, 2021
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Basic wardrobe by Ashley Graham. 7 invaluable tips

Basic wardrobe by Ashley Graham.  7 invaluable tips

90-60-90 are the favorite parameters of all fashion couturiers. But is it possible to look fashionable and beautiful if your sizes are far from ideal? Of course!

The famous plus size model Ashley Graham has long made it clear to everyone that she is not at all shy about her curvy body. Moreover, she is proud of him, and therefore happily participates in various photo shoots and can walk the streets, proudly demonstrating her magnificent forms.

After all, if your size is more than 50, this does not mean at all that you need to wrap yourself in robes. Ashley knows how to profitably present herself, and she has a lot to learn from this!

That’s why we have prepared 7 secrets of building the perfect basic wardrobe like Ashley Graham. No. 4 is just a godsend!

Strapless bra

“It all starts with the right bra,” says Ashley, taking the phrase as her motto. The model assures that correctly selected lingerie creates an ideal base on which the rest of the image is built.

The girl advises to give preference to a strapless bra. It will lift any bust and make it incredibly sexy. This is especially important if you decide to put on a bustier dress.

Flared jeans

If you, like me, do not like bell-bottomed trousers, it means that you have not tried them on for a long time!

Modern models perfectly balance the silhouette and keep the figure in shape. Ashley Graham prefers high waisted denim options and wears them with chunky tops and heels. But only, I beg you, no scuffs, patches and patches – this focuses on full thighs.


The bodysuit can be worn with jeans without worrying about part of it showing up. The same cannot be said about the T-shirt!

Ashley Graham thinks the bodysuit looks pretty damn sexy with sheer dresses, so she uses this trick when she wants to slap someone on the spot.

Biker Biker Jacket

In the everyday life of any representative of the fair sex, according to Ashley, there should be a black leather jacket. “Even a bag of potatoes looks stylish with her,” the model assures. A classic leather jacket works best without an abundance of details: laconicism is always in fashion!

Neoprene clothing

With such a fabric, you will not have a need for slimming underwear, because neoprene will correct everything itself. Neoprene and spandex are the very best that modern technology has to offer, these fabrics keep their shape perfectly, help to create a seductive silhouette and do not wrinkle at all.

Don’t be afraid of crop tops

Well, if your type is similar to Ashley’s figure, that is, excess weight is mainly concentrated in the lower abdomen, use another fashionable trick – do not hesitate to wear crop tops.

When choosing skirts or trousers with a high rise, show some body in the solar plexus area. This trick will emphasize your graceful forms. If your tummy is not as perfect as Ashley’s, tight tops over shapewear will come to the rescue.

Don’t follow fashion rules

Do not drive yourself into the generally accepted framework! It is this technique that the famous model Ashley Graham uses and, despite her outstanding forms, easily wears translucent dresses and skirts above the knee.

Ashley advises all curvy women and girls to embrace their identities and make them a brand name. This may apply not only to size 50 clothes, but also other features of your appearance that you were shy about before – freckles, cracks between your teeth … Just remember that you are unique! Isn’t that wonderful?

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