Dec 29, 2020
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Basic rules for feeding infants

Basic rules for feeding infants

Read in our material about how much and when doctors recommend feeding a newborn baby.

In order for the little one to grow up healthy, it is important to establish the correct feeding regimen, taking into account the needs of your baby. Read in our material about how much and when doctors recommend feeding a newborn baby.

Breastfeeding rules according to WHO recommendations

Breast milk is the healthiest and most nutritious food for a newborn, which he should consume for the first six months (and according to some recommendations, up to a year) of his life.

Your task is to do everything necessary to provide your baby with the healthiest and most comfortable conditions for its development.

WHO recommends:

  • Apply the little man to the chest within the first hour after his birth.
  • You do not need to bottle feed your baby until he takes the breast. It is important to do this in order for the baby to form the necessary attitude towards breastfeeding.
  • Pay attention to the signals your child sends: crying is the most obvious sign that a son or daughter is hungry.

Additional signals that a young mother should pay attention to: the baby makes sucking movements, sticks out his tongue, grunts and turns his head.

In order for the little one to quickly adapt and get used to the chosen regime of the day, you must create the most comfortable conditions for this. Correctly selected children’s clothing plays an important role in this issue.

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In such a cozy and pleasant to the body baby clothes your child will eat well and grow up as a healthy child!

Mode and duration of breastfeeding

  • The best option for feeding is at the request of the child. Be prepared for the toddler to ask to be fed about 15-20 times during the day. This is the norm for the first month of a child’s life.
  • Keep in mind that during the day the sun will ask you to eat about every hour, and at night the baby must be fed at least once every 4 hours.
  • Your little angel will regulate the duration of a meal by herself, so you should not wean him until he wants to.

On average, a newborn is full in about 20 minutes of feeding.

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