Dec 31, 2020
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Barinova Daria Marina Zudina showed how she looked at the beginning of a relationship with Oleg Tabakov 17:14, 31.12.

17:14, 31.12.2020

The artist published an archive photo taken 33 years ago.

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Today Marina Zudina in her microblog on Instagram published the cover of the magazine “Soviet Screen”, for which she starred in 1987. By that time, the aspiring artist had secretly met with Oleg Tabakov for two years. In the picture, as the star herself explained, she is only 20 years old.

“1987, New Year’s cover of the most popular Soviet magazine“ Soviet Screen ”I would like to celebrate the New Year with the same joy, love, faith and hope, as at 20)! FAITH, HOPE, LOVE! ” – wrote Zudina in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. Prim. line.).

Marina Zudina showed how she looked at the beginning of a relationship with Oleg Tabakov

We add that Marina Zudina and Oleg Tabakov met at the theater institute: the young student immediately attracted the attention of a teacher who was 30 years older than her. The romance among the artists began in 1985, then the director was officially married to Lyudmila Krylova. Their colleagues knew about the connection between Zudina and Tabakov, because the couple had been together for almost ten years before the director decided to divorce his wife, who bore him two children. Marina Zudin was considered a homeless woman, guilty of the breakup of the family. The novel of the actors was not supported by many, including Oleg Efremov.

As Tatyana Bronzovaya said, Oleg Nikolaevich was very surprised when he accidentally found out about the connection between the director and the young actress. Efremov and Tabakov met at one private social reception, where Oleg Pavlovich came with his new chosen one. Oleg Efremov did not approve of the artist’s secret romance, as he treated his lawful wife very well.

Oleg Tabakov with children

Despite all the circumstances, Marina Zudina and Oleg Tabakov were officially married in 1995. In the same year, the actress gave birth to the wife of her first child, Pavel, and in 2006, the girl Maria was born. The couple, 30 years apart, were together for 33 years until the director’s death in 2018.

Recall that Oleg Tabakov died on March 12, 2018 after being in the hospital for several months under the supervision of specialists. It is known that several factors at once influenced the artist’s deterioration: dental implants that did not take root and became inflamed, as well as a severe form of pneumonia. The death of Oleg Tabakov Marina Zudina and her children were going through hard. The actress admitted that her life after the departure of her husband has changed a lot, and for two years she seemed to have to learn to walk again.

Marina Zudina in an exclusive video interview for “Around TV”

After the death of Oleg Tabakov, all of his inheritance remained with Marina Zudina and their common children. At the same time, the eldest children of Oleg Tabakov – Anton and Alexander – are not mentioned in the will. “I, Marusya and Pasha are in my will. Oleg Pavlovich knew that Anton was a self-sufficient and successful person. We were more vulnerable, so Oleg Pavlovich wanted to protect us, ”Zudina explained in the show“ Secret for a Million ”. The actress did not disclose the contents of the will, but confirmed that these funds would be enough for a carefree life for her and the children.

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