Dec 31, 2020
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Barinova Daria Boris Grachevsky, infected with coronavirus, was transferred to intensive care 11:10, 31.12.

11:10, 31.12.2020

The condition of the 71-year-old creator of the Yeralash newsreel has worsened.

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On December 21, 2020, it became known that Boris Grachevsky had contracted the coronavirus. The director himself told reporters about this. A week later, Boris Yuryevich got in touch again and published on social networks a photo in an oxygen mask taken at the hospital. Grachevsky then appeared vigorous and did not report significant health problems. However, today the director was transferred to the intensive care unit.

As the journalists managed to find out, Boris Grechevsky’s condition deteriorated sharply, he developed shortness of breath and weakness, and the drugs prescribed to him have not yet had an effect. Note that three days ago, Boris Yuryevich himself said that he felt fine. “And here I was beguiled by an evil infection! I’m in the hospital! Under droppers! he told Channel Five. I am now under the supervision of doctors, thank God. Today they put me on IVs, everyone is wearing wires and masks, everything is in order. I’m being watched in the department, thank you very much, don’t worry. “

Boris Grachevsky

If Boris Grachevsky himself tried to hold on and did not complain of feeling unwell, then his young wife Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya was very worried about her husband’s condition. The wife of the star on December 29 of this year in her microblog on Instagram published a snapshot of the director, which she accompanied with a call to pray for 71-year-old Boris Grachevsky. “Let the whole country pray for the best person, the most talented, my beloved husband!” – wrote Ekaterina on a social network (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. Prim. line.).

We add that so far Yekaterina Belotserkovskaya has not contacted journalists and has not commented on the information about his transfer to intensive care, which was reported by MK. By the way, 2020 started very well for the 71-year-old director. The young wife bore him a son, whom it was decided to call Philip. The boy became the fourth child of Boris Yuryevich. The son of a star was born in one of the capital’s hospitals. Grachevsky did not hide the news from everyone and immediately shared the good news in his microblog on Instagram, posting a photo with the newborn.

Boris Grachevsky with his wife and child

Recall that the beloved of Boris Grachevsky is twice younger than him. Despite this circumstance, absolute harmony reigns in their relationship. In February 2016, Boris and Ekaterina officially formalized the relationship, and a year after registration, they organized a magnificent celebration on the occasion of the wedding. The first rumors that replenishment is expected in the star family appeared last fall. However, then the spouses refused to comment on the speculation.

Boris Grachevsky considers his wife to be the main achievement of life. According to the director, it is thanks to the support of his beloved that he wants to live and conquer new heights. So, last spring, Grachevsky was diagnosed with skin cancer. In the studio of the program “The Fate of a Man”, the filmmaker said that he had undergone several complex operations and chemotherapy courses. His beloved wife Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya helped him with all the difficulties.

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