Sep 16, 2020
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Bari Alibasov’s wife was robbed of a large sum of money

Bari Alibasov's wife was robbed of a large sum of money

According to the press, several thousand euros were stolen from the 81-year-old wife of producer Bari Alibasov, Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

The actress announced the disappearance of a large sum of money. The actress suspects of stealing a friend's grandson, who recently came to visit her.

The star of the film "Kalina Krasnaya" became a victim of a robbery. Fedoseeva-Shukshina lost 2.5 thousand euros, which she set aside for a trip to Finland. Lydia Nikolaevna kept the money in her bedroom, in an apartment in the north-east of Moscow, where she now lives with her daughter Olga.

The actress discovered the loss of funds last week. Bari Alibasov's wife opened her passport and saw 330 euros inaccurately invested in it. The star instantly sensed that something was wrong.

Bari Alibasov with his wife
Bari Alibasov with his wife

"Mom looked into the dresser and found an empty envelope there. Lost 2,500 euros! And she immediately called me. It was in the evening, I was in the car in the yard, I was going to drive off about my business. Hearing the alarm in my mother's voice, she immediately ran to the apartment. Together we went through everything to no avail for the missing savings, and I called the police"- quoted Olga in" MK ".

Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, during a conversation with law enforcement officers, recalled that in early September she had invited guests to her place. Lydia Nikolaevna was visited by actor Alexander Turcan and a friend with a 19-year-old grandson. Olga was away at that time and was not present at the meeting.

Bari Alibasov with his wife
Bari Alibasov with his wife

The artist felt that Tsurkan could not rob her. The star's suspicions fell on the grandson of a friend. The woman, having learned about this, refused to give the police the contact number of the relative. She referred to the fact that the young man is preparing to enter a military school and "he does not need problems."

Now police officers are preparing to conduct a biological examination of traces from the surface of the envelope from which the money disappeared. Fingerprints will also be analyzed in Lydia Nikolaevna's apartment.

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