Apr 20, 2021
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Bari Alibasov’s son said that 5 million rubles were stolen from him

13:42, 04/20/2021

Bari saved money for his father’s treatment.

The son of Bari Alibasov said that money was stolen from him, which he saved for the rehabilitation of his father. Bari Jr. noted that he and his father were robbed by an old acquaintance. She allegedly borrowed money and did not return it.

“Money for the treatment of Bari Alibasov has been spent in an absolutely boorish way. We know Yana very well that Yana cannot leave and calmly give her five million rubles from her money-box for her father’s treatment. She had to return this money on March 28, ”said Bari Alibasov Jr.

Bari Alibasov Jr. with his father

Alibasov noted that initially he and his father wanted to invest in some reliable business. At this moment, the girlfriend of Bari Jr. Yana Merkureva said that she is engaged in the production of anti-freezing fluid for cars and she just lacks several million. The Alibasovs decided to take a chance. “We delivered part of the goods for which we did not receive money. We also paid for a new product, and as a result, we have a huge amount of non-freezing, which now, after they did not pay there, no one needs, ”said Bari Alibasov’s son.

Bari Alibasov Sr. also commented on the situation. “Money, its movement, must be controlled. And since I have been practically out of life for half a year, I think that these five million have disappeared forever, ”the musician said. Alibasov Jr. explained that it does not matter to him who is to blame for the situation. The main thing, according to him, is to return the money, because they were supposed to go to the rehabilitation of his father.

Bari Alibasov with his wife Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina

Yana Merkurieva herself did not hesitate in answering. “There are no violations on our part. They refuse to communicate with me, they do not want to go out to any conversations. They don’t answer any letters, ”she said in a conversation with Channel Five.

Recall that in March, an accident occurred with Bari Alibasov. He was visiting his son in Kaliningrad when he fell down the fire escape and broke his leg. Ultimately, an operation was required. Expensive procedures, payment of rehabilitation doctors, renting an apartment cost from 300 to 500 thousand rubles a month. It is noted that the producer himself will not be able to return to work soon, as there are months of recovery ahead.

Bari Alibasov in his son

Bari Barievich noted that in addition to everything, the music producer is experiencing memory problems, therefore, he needs constant supervision. Alibasov forgets the arrangement of the rooms and can hardly remember some events from his life. According to some reports, his ex-wife and the mother of his son are next to Alibasov in Kaliningrad. Elena Uronich… She is completely trusted by the son of the producer. But the legal wife of Alibasov Sr., 82-year-old Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, has not seen her husband for several months.

We add that on December 3 Alibasov was taken to one of the Moscow hospitals with extremely low blood pressure… The cause of the sudden deterioration in the producer’s condition was an overdose of Viagra. According to the available data, the use of this drug without measure can lead to negative consequences that are associated with the cardiovascular system. A week later, Alibasov was discharged from the hospital.

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