Jun 4, 2022
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Bari Alibasov during his turbulent youth had a bunch of illegitimate children


Producer Bari Alibasov spoke about his turbulent youth.

Bari Karimovich admits that he had a very turbulent past. The scandalous showman does not hide – he has illegitimate children, however, he cannot name their exact number.

In his youth, Alibasov was a real hero-lover, which he now talks about without hesitation.

You come on tour, and there are giant queues of fans. We arrived, worked out our 5-6 days of tour, fucked half the city. And how many children were there? Yes, God knows. But at least two I know for sure: the girls then showed me what happened. They look like me – chump-shaped”, – the 74-year-old producer of the Na-Na group opened up in an interview with reporters.

At the same time, Bari Karimovich is not nostalgic for those times and believes that today he lives much better and calmer. “Total control and pressure, everyone had to walk in formation. The only good thing was that we were young and could love girls. In the Soviet years, I allowed “Na-Na” to bring girls to the hotel after concerts, although this was prohibited by law”, he noted.

Bari Alibasov - photo from the archive -
Bari Alibasov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Despite serious memory problems, Alibasov perfectly remembers the heyday of Alla Pugacheva’s career. “There were only two of us, unlike the others – the Integral group and Alla Pugacheva. After all, while performing Harlequin, she allowed herself to rush around the stage in some strange overalls – either sheets, or duvet covers … And this all destroyed the ideology of the Soviet people. All the other singers stood at attention for two hours from start to finish. Therefore, Pugachev was soaked in the same way as Integral.

It was the first and only Soviet rock band. We have traveled all over the world: Europe, Asia, America. The popularity was crazy. By the way, you hardly know, but in Soviet times, rock was only in the regions, it was not in Moscow. Because there was strict censorship in the capital, and in smaller cities, philharmonic societies had to somehow earn money. And so we came to some town for 10 days and gave 3-5 concerts a day. We were paid a fee of 80 rubles, and on tickets they earned 5,000, sometimes even 10,000. So they turned a blind eye to our hooliganism. And in the capital – no, no, they immediately reported to the authorities and deprived us of a tour certificate for a month, for three. It happened 30-40 times!” – said the showman in an interview with “KP”.

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