Apr 8, 2021
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Baranets warned NATO against attack on Kaliningrad

Fredrik Westerlund, an expert at the Swedish Institute for Defense Research, believes that in the event of an aggravation, the Kaliningrad region will be difficult to defend against NATO for a long time, and “from Lithuania and Poland, it can be shot through with artillery.” However, the analyst showed that he did not understand the combat potential of the Russian group, said Viktor Baranets, a military observer for Komsomolskaya Pravda.

He warned that in the event of an attack on the Kaliningrad region, the Russian army would not pay attention to the borders of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

“Do not forget that next to it is the Baltic Fleet, which has“ their majesties ”“ Caliber ”. They fly at a distance of 2500-3000 kilometers, and this also needs to be taken into account, “Baranets explained on the air of Sputnik.

Baranets warned NATO against attack on Kaliningrad

Russia will never give up the Kaliningrad region to be torn apart by NATO. The alliance will have to deal not with a self-sufficient Kaliningrad group of forces, but with a million-strong Russian army.

The statements of the Swedish analyst have nothing to do with a sober assessment of the situation in the region, Baranets added.

“Thanks to Russian intelligence – we know that NATO calls the Kaliningrad region a“ hard-to-reach zone ”. Thank you for calling that: we will arrange very serious difficulties for you there if you climb, ”the guest of the broadcast concluded with irony.

In the West, he regularly speaks of an alleged “growing threat” from Russia and China. On the contrary, Moscow notes the buildup of NATO military activity in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders.

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