Aug 7, 2022
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Baranets listed the “brilliant” weapons of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine

Baranets listed the

A military observer for KP, retired colonel Viktor Baranets, said that the Russian Armed Forces use the latest weapons during a special operation in Ukraine, and also open up new possibilities for already known systems.

“For example, the Su-34 with its containers that allow you to read the map of hostilities and provide guidance to our artillery, our missiles,” Baranets said.

The observer also refers to the rifles of the designer Vladislav Lobaev, for example, the TSVL-8 Stalingrad, to completely new types of weapons. Baranets also specifically noted the Buk-MZ air defense system, capable of shooting down missiles from the American HIMARS MLRS, supplied to Ukraine as part of military assistance.

Recall that earlier Baranets noted the possibility of using Zircon hypersonic missiles to destroy military facilities on the territory of Ukraine.

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