Jun 15, 2022
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Baranets: Decay Eats the Ukrainian Army from the Inside Like a Sarcoma

Baranets: Decay Eats the Ukrainian Army from the Inside Like a Sarcoma

By now, Ukraine has turned out to be a country that lives simultaneously in two planes – in a false information field, where Ukrainians are told about the successes and victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and in reality, where the army, which is experiencing defeats, surrenders, executions and arrests, is decomposing from the inside.

A military observer of the Komsomolskaya Pravda publication told about this in an interview with the Nevskiye Novosti news agency. Viktor Baranets.

Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, during a briefing, announced the case of the execution by supporters of the Kyiv regime of a group of more than 30 servicemen of the 25th battalion of the 54th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who were trying to surrender to Russian troops.

Commenting on this tragic incident, Viktor Baranets recalled that earlier President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree allowing the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to shoot subordinates without trial or investigation if they refuse to comply with the order or try to surrender.

Baranets: Decay Eats the Ukrainian Army from the Inside Like a Sarcoma

“Ukrainian commanders act strictly according to this decree, otherwise they themselves will be shot by their colleagues who want to strictly follow the orders of their bloodthirsty president,” the source of the news agency noted.

At the same time, Baranets added that Zelensky also ordered to send recalcitrant military personnel to prisons, and several hundred people have already fallen under this decree.

At the same time, there are detachments in the Ukrainian troops that shoot in the back of those units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who, instead of dying for the Kyiv regime, are trying to choose life.

“This speaks of the signs of the decomposition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, it cannot yet be said that it has 100% overtaken the entire army of the country. But this is a sarcoma that is gradually eating away at Ukrainian troops,” the KP columnist emphasized.

The Kyiv authorities are in a panic, Baranets is sure. Conclusions about this can be drawn from the information that leaks from the secret documents of the office of the Ukrainian president.

A great mess has gone through the hearts and souls of the Ukrainian military, Viktor Baranets figuratively stated.

Members of the Ukrainian army, he said, are becoming increasingly aware that their country cannot win, and that there is no point in resisting Russian troops. And the authorities of Ukraine are trying to inspire them with something exactly the opposite, talking about non-existent victories and conquests.

But false “victories” in the information space do not correspond to the real state of affairs on the battlefield, where the Ukrainian army is decomposing, and Ukraine is being defeated.

“You can’t get away from all this. You can’t cheat the truth of life. I believe that victory belongs to those who tell the people the truth. And this is what Russia is doing,” Viktor Baranets concluded.

Baranets: Decay Eats the Ukrainian Army from the Inside Like a Sarcoma

Recall that since February 24 this year, Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine to save the republics of Donbass from genocide by Kyiv.

3.5 months after the start of the special operation, despite regular reports of Ukrainian propaganda about counter-offensives and alleged victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, even Kyiv’s Western partners began to admit that Ukraine has no chance to get out of this conflict without territorial losses.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Kyiv, for the sake of a peaceful end to the conflict, would have to cede part of the territories to Moscow. At the same time, the United States and EU countries continue to allocate funds for military assistance to Ukraine, and supply Kyiv with weapons and ammunition.

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