Aug 29, 2021
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Bankier: Changing Western Russia Policy Threatens Ukraine and Poland

The US and the EU are ready to improve relations with Russia, which is not included in the Polish plans

Polish politicians are sounding the alarm – Europe is ready to improve relations with Russia, which is becoming more and more important in the world economy and in world politics. According to the former president of Poland Alexandra Kwasnevsky, once Angela Merkel will leave the post of Chancellor of Germany, no one will stop the turn of German business towards Russia. However, in this case, very little time will pass and the topic of Crimea will simply disappear from the international agenda, and everyone will soon forget about anti-Russian sanctions, writes the Polish Internet publication Banker

Bankier: Changing Western Russia Policy Threatens Ukraine and Poland

“Currently, a turning point in world economic policy is coming, when the majority of representatives of German big business, and German politicians, are opposed to toughening relations with Russia. Moreover, even the United States is not against the restoration and strengthening of its relations with Moscow, “

– the publication quotes the speech of Alexander Kwasniewski at the Polish-Ukrainian economic forum dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of cooperation between Kiev and Warsaw.

The ex-president is sure that there are two serious threats hanging over Ukraine, and this also applies to Poland, albeit to a lesser extent.

The first threat, the author of the article notes Eva Wesolowska (Eva Vesolovska), this is a change in Washington’s foreign policy.

The United States will try to improve relations with Russia amid deteriorating relations between the White House and Beijing, the former head of Poland explained. The consequence of such a policy will inevitably be the disappearance of the Crimea theme and sanctions, which no one else will remember, Kwasnevsky has no doubts.

“The second threat, which will affect not only Ukraine, but also Poland, is the change in the position of the new German chancellor. What position this will be, no one knows yet, however, according to the politician, the Germans are already openly talking about their desire to return the Russian market, which is important from an economic point of view, as soon as possible, they do not want to continue to incur economic losses, which is understandable. However, the new policy of the European Union and the United States will result in the final loss of Crimea for Ukraine. Everything will end with the fact that Ukraine will return to the sphere of influence of Russia, which, undoubtedly, is not included in the Polish plans “,

– states Banker

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