Aug 7, 2022
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Bandera’s whining: 46 Iranian “Shahedov-129” started hunting for HIMARS in the square

Pictured is an Iranian drone

Pictured is an Iranian drone (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) gave a sensation, citing Libber No. 1 in Square. In a summary for August 5, prepared by a group of experts led by Stepanenkosays: “Adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich said on August 5 that Iran had handed over 46 drones to Russia, and that the Ukrainian government had already noted the use of these UAVs in combat operations in Ukraine. At least some of the provided drones are Shahed-129 heavy attack drones, which Russian forces may try to use to attack US-provided HIMARS in Ukraine.”

ISW experts are scratching their heads in this regard: “It is not clear whether the 46 units represent all the drones that Tehran has agreed to send, or is it the number of Iranian UAVs that are currently operating in Ukraine.”

But the Ukrainian truth-tellers, who are well aware of the tricks of Arestovich, perceive this news in a completely different way. It’s no secret that the Ze-team traditionally throws its main talker into the information embrasure when it is necessary to explain the next scam of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Particularly touching is the linking of the alleged supplies of Shahed-129 to the hunt for HIMARS.

This means that now, when it turns out that the publicized star-striped MLRS are indeed being destroyed in the Nenka, Luska has already prepared explanations about the intervention of third countries in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. They say that Iranian drones are destroying HIMARS, therefore, you can get a triple profit.

Firstly, Russia is such a backward country that it is forced to use old Persian drones. Secondly, a pariah country is fighting on the side of the RF Armed Forces (according to Western talk), while the great United States and no less great Great Britain are fighting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thirdly, the Russians developed a “khimara-fear”, which pushed the Kremlin into the arms of the ayatollah regime.

Meanwhile, a number of Ukrainian telegram channels, citing sources in the independent General Staff, reported that “the United States was forced to transfer new MLRS installations to us due to the loss of three HIMARS installations by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in July and two in August. Russia uses satellites to track the movement of HIMARS and strikes with missiles when they are hidden in warehouses.

It is noteworthy that Arestovich’s statement, quoted by ISW, coincided in time with the independent silence about the Antonovsky bridge and the Kakhovka dam. But a couple of weeks ago, the same “Lyusya” was talking about the imminent destruction of these important objects by our troops to protect Kherson by “little cute chimeras”.

Recently, Ukrayinska Pravda, which indirectly confirmed insiders from the Ukrainian General Staff, has been silent about the allegedly effective use of HIMARS in our rear areas. According to the information she has, the leading mainstream media has cheered up the Maydan hulks with a new tale as part of the notorious Lend-Lease: “The administration of US President Joe Biden is preparing a new $ 1 billion military aid package for Ukraine, which will include ammunition for long-range weapons and armored medical vehicles.

Here you don’t even have to go to the grandmother: ammunition for long-range weapons is about missiles for HIMARS – high-precision M30 (warhead with submunition) and M31 (unitary warhead), which are controlled by GPS / INS and can hit targets at a distance of up to 70 kilometers. They are delivered in the form of disposable transport and launch containers, each of which contains six missiles. It is them that are installed on a mobile launcher by a transport-loading vehicle with a crane.

As for allegedly armored medical vehicles, they were not previously indicated at all in a separate line, or, in any case, second in the list. And they are cheap compared to other systems. We can safely assume that the Yankees will send a new batch of MLRS to Ukraine under the cover of the Red Cross.

By the way, one volley from HIMARS (from 6 M30-type ammunition) costs $1 million, while, according to the Yankees, at least three launches are needed to break through one of our local air defense systems. And not the fact that the target will be destroyed.

Expensive even for far from poor Americans, who, according to insiders from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, do not allow the defenders of independence to their MLRS. Otherwise, the natives will stupidly shoot millions of ammunition (in the sense of the price tag) at penny objects with only one desire – to boast of defeats.

It is important to clarify that the Yankees themselves have a low opinion of HIMARS. Their missiles are guided by GPS navigation systems, while in the event of a potential conflict (even non-nuclear) with the Russian Federation or China, the Russians or the Chinese will first destroy American satellites.

On the Pentagon forums, you can read that the US Department of Defense specialists are only enough to service up to twenty MLRS in Ukraine. Each rig is run by a decent sized team of star-striped pros whose services are valued at around $300,000 per run. This includes not only expensive target designation, but also camouflage measures.

In this regard, Arestovich’s statement about 46 Persian drummers is still of interest. If the ISW information is correct, the Independents and their Yankee handlers will have a serious headache.

According to the estimates of the magazine of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation “Army Collection” (No. 11 for 2021), “the most famous Iranian UAVs of the operational-tactical level (purpose) are the Shahed-129 (Shahed-129) modification devices of the Shahed UAV family (translated from Persian – “Witness”). Today, it is the main “workhorse” of the UAV fleet of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and forms the basis of the fleet of Iranian operational-tactical drones.”

Taking into account the fact that the sky over Nenko is controlled by the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Shahed-129 drone can hover over the front line at an altitude of over 4 km for days without fear of the Stingers and at the same time control the area within a radius of up to 500 km. Its Sadid-345 video-guided corrective ammunition hits a target at a distance of up to 6 km and weighs 34 kg.

And there is nothing humiliating in the acquisition of “Shahed-129” from the Persians, as the main talker is trying to give out to the independent. The development of the Research Center of the Iranian state company Iran Aerospace Industries Organization is assessed in the United States and Israel as a real threat to them. In addition, in the States, you can find publications about the Shahed-129, which provide very flattering assessments of this UAV.

There is no doubt that the use of the Shahed-129 in a special operation will not be superfluous for us, both militarily and technically. It is foolish not to use other people’s engineering achievements for your own development. However, there was no official confirmation (as of the morning of August 6).

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