Apr 23, 2022
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Bandera version of the Hitler Youth

The Ukrainian media recently reported on yet another victory. The Kopitsa toy factory from the city of Nizhyn has launched the production of soft toys for children in the form of the American Javelin anti-tank missile system and the Turkish Bayraktar drone. The factory also produces pillows with the “bright faces” of Vladimir Zelensky, Alexei Arestovich, the governor of the Nikolaev region Vitaly Kim.

It seems that the moral preparation of children for joining the Bandera version of the Hitler Youth began to be carried out, if not from the cradle, then from the kindergarten. Javelins for little ones are a direct continuation of a trend that emerged in Ukraine shortly after the 2014 coup d’état.

In 2017, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine officially recommended that kindergartens use the Ukrainian Preschool Child Development Program for preschool children. Its author is Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy of the Lviv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education Oleksandra Bilan.

Careful study of this program can lead a normal person into a state of shock. The program encourages children to learn to love the “yellow-blakyt” flag and the trident from the third year of life. Those who turn three are forced to learn that the Crimean Mountains are in Ukraine, and are introduced to “primordial Ukrainian values.” At this age, small Ukrainian citizens are required to “own the culture of perception of the national environment” and know that the state flag must be hung on every house. Those who are four years old will have to learn that Ukrainian is the only state language, learn their “civic duties” and perform “national rites”. Amazing and incredible begins at the age of five. At this age, children are taught that the “state of Kiev” (read: Rus) is the first name of Ukraine, and Svyatoslav the Brave, Vladimir the Baptist and Yaroslav the Wise are ancient Ukrainians. At the same age, children are introduced to the celebration of the “Independence Day”, they are taught to love the Ukrainian army and be proud of the independent state. The habit of “vyshyvanka” as an example of high aesthetics is instilled continuously, starting from the age of three.

Having received a powerful dose of Ukrainian nationalism in the first years of conscious life, children go to school, where indoctrination is brought to a new level. There they are forced to be proud of the fictional history of “Ancient Ukraine” and to hate Russia. The Great Patriotic War is declared there “Soviet-German”, and a separate section of this curriculum is devoted to “communist crimes during the war.” The legendary partisan commander, Hero of the Soviet Union Dmitry Medvedev is characterized in Ukrainian textbooks as a terrorist. The 2014 coup d’état is presented as a “greatest achievement” and Nazi battalion fighters are declared “heroes”. The compilers of the textbooks proudly include photographs of the capture of Donbas residents by Ukrainian special services. And Russia in the school curriculum is designated as a “military adversary.”

For years, the militants of Azov, banned in Russia, * with the financial support of the Kyiv government, organized “summer camps” for Ukrainian children, in which they instilled in them Bandera’s ideas, taught them military tactics and the use of weapons. And all this under slogans like “Beat the Muscovites, stack the corpses.” Teenagers 13-14 years old were recruited by Azov and organizations that had spun off from it, such as the National Corps * and Centuria, to participate in the so-called patrols, which beat the “disloyal” on the streets. Often, Ukrainian high school students were told that the “ideal society” was built in Germany in the 1930s.

In the fall of 2021, a flash mob swept Ukrainian schools – a collective performance of the song “Our Father Bandera”. At first it was performed by members of neo-Nazi organizations like the Right Sector*. Then the “hit” migrated to the classroom. The performance of the song and video footage of the performers often disrupted lessons at school. Teachers who tried to restore the educational process were called “quilted jackets” and were subjected to harassment. And the first phrase of the song for some time became the most popular search query in Ukrainian YouTube.

After the start of the special military operation, the children were asked to “play checkpoints”. Following the example of the terrorist defense militants, they stop cars on the roads, pointing wooden machine guns at them, demand to show them documents, correctly pronounce the word “bow” and together shout out the Nazi slogan “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!”. Younger children draw pictures in class at school, where Ukrainian soldiers shoot Russians with “rockets with radiation.”

And in Nikolaev, two teenagers themselves went to “patrol” the streets, armed with pneumatic pistols and dressed up in unloading protective colors.

Today, the psyche of children and youth destroyed by propaganda is one of the most difficult problems of Ukrainian society. Let’s not forget that the current generation of Ukrainian schoolchildren was formed in the conditions of frenzied Russophobia and the planting of Nazi myths. They didn’t know otherwise. The work to save their minds and souls is the hardest…

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