Aug 11, 2022
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Bandera troops are on fire at work – and this is not a figure of speech

Bandera troops are on fire at work - and this is not a figure of speech

Photo: Alexander Reka/TASS

The Lugansk fighters made a terrible find – charred bodies in positions that had just been abandoned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The reconnaissance battalion of the people’s militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) stumbled upon mutilated corpses lying next to the craters from the explosions of artillery shells. This happened during a raid near the city of Soledar, in the Donetsk region.

In the attack on this settlement from the east, a turning point occurred, as in general in the Soledarsko-Artemovsky (Bakhmut) direction. Here a cauldron is outlined, similar to the one that not so long ago slammed shut to the west of Lisichansk. Allied troops of the Russian Armed Forces and units of the people’s militia attack the advanced positions of the demoralized Ukrainian army. Now the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are simply burning the bodies of mercenaries left on the battlefield, either not being able, or simply not wanting to evacuate them. As they retreat, they douse the 200s with gasoline and set them on fire to make identification difficult.

Sergey Goncharov, President of the Association of Veterans of the Alpha Anti-Terror Unit, Member of the Russian Academy of Security Problems believes that they mainly burn the corpses of foreign mercenaries – for now:

– There are two categories of corpses: the remains of local nationalists and mercenaries. The corpses of the locals are also destroyed – so as not to bury them officially. So you can tell relatives that their loved ones are “lost somewhere” – forever. But the corpses of mercenaries are destroyed, covering their tracks. But before they are burned, they are completely undressed – they take away their phones, money, and so on, everything of value that they find on insensible bodies.

We’re talking about non-humans. What the Ukrainian Nazis are doing causes only one desire: they should go to the end. If we leave a small part of these idiots, then they will multiply again, and we will again have problems – worse and worse. In order to deal with them, no normal human actions, as some suggest, will help – no negotiations, truces are no longer relevant. We have crossed the line beyond which there is nothing left but to crush the Nazi vermin to the end.

“SP”: – In addition to denazification and demilitarization, it will also be necessary to carry out a thorough “sanitary treatment” of the liberated territories – in every sense of the word …

– It’s necessary. Even if we leave a small piece of land – in Lviv, we will get an even bigger problem. If someone thinks that the Americans will leave us alone, having this foothold of anti-Russia on our land that has not been liberated from the trash, this is simply ridiculous! It is necessary to completely destroy Nazism and control the military-civilian administration over the entire territory of long-suffering Ukraine …

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of the formation point of the “Foreign Legion” in the village of Vyvodovo, where more than eighty foreign mercenaries were liquidated out of those more than seven thousand that arrived from six dozen different countries. Most of them were identified by our armed forces at the stage of preparation for entering the square.

Russophobes from Poland bear losses, 643 of whom were destroyed, 241 who came from the USA and 213 from Canada were eliminated. 195 thugs will no longer return to Georgia, Romania lost 134 of its citizens in Ukraine, and Great Britain 141 subjects of the crown.

This is a natural result for those who, at the end of February, were seduced by the promises of the President of Ukraine Zelenskywho, like a fabulous “piper” with sweet speeches, lured them to certain death. He invited foreign citizens to come to the square and “join the fight against Russia” in the “International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine.” Romantics without military experience or training heeded the insidious call and stretched. And immediately there were reports of heavy losses among the insufficiently trained and often unarmed “volunteers”.

Military expert, former conscript artilleryman, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin does not believe that there was any turning point in the special operation or that the intensity of our fire increased:

– We still do not shoot at the residential areas of the liberated cities, pointwise destroying only Bandera troops. But the fact that they have lost all motivation, protecting certain objects or settlements, is obvious. They understand that luck is not on their side and victory does not await them. The UAF and nationalists are trying to escape, surrender, or otherwise avoid the fate of the “two hundredth”.

The fact that they burn the corpses of their dead, I think, can be done in agreement with the states from which the mercenaries were brought. This may have several purposes: on the one hand, in order not to expose the truth that there are mercenaries from NATO countries, and their presence is approved by the leadership of these states.

And NATO members are directly involved in the hostilities in Ukraine. Moreover, there can be not only simple mercenaries, but also military specialists, instructors who direct the firing of American “Himers”, French “Caesars”, crews of artillery pieces M-777 and are in charge of other complex foreign military equipment that Ukrainians have yet to master can not.

After all, these systems are complex not only in terms of loading and firing, but in interaction with intelligence: aviation and spacecraft with all the information supplied by NATO structures. And so – burned the corpse and the ends into the water.

SP: – But we must not forget that before they burn the corpse, they also rob it, as reported by American and French journalists …

– Also in the square they treat their fellow countrymen. They throw dead comrades-in-arms on the battlefield without burying them, at best they sprinkle it with earth, and for the most part they simply leave the bodies to their fate, to feed animals and birds.

This is a sign of a cynical attitude towards people, which is manifested in the entire policy of the Kyiv Bandera regime. This is how terrorists treat their subordinates – they use them cynically, and then

They throw it away like waste material … Like, excuse the expression, a used condom – it’s not good to say that in relation to people, but that’s exactly what they do.

Recently, a formally Turkish online publication specializing in wars and ethnic conflicts interviewed a dozen foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. Quotes from the interview speak for themselves: “The level of shit here is off scale.”

Some of the “wild geese”, “soldiers of fortune” fought in the Middle East and Africa, but nowhere and never saw such a level of corruption as in the independent. They never cease to be surprised that everything – javelins and other stingers, as well as cars, small arms, ammunition, grenades – is shamelessly stolen. Swastikas and other Nazi symbols are everywhere on the militants. And the main thought that lives in the minds of mercenaries is: “I have a chance to kill a few Russians.”

Of course, not all of the foreign mercenaries are fighting on the front line, most of the rear are specialists. And romantics are used as cannon fodder. Let them gnaw the earth and stones, because they thought that “only war gives life a new meaning.” Like, when there is death and destruction around, you begin to “appreciate the beauty of simple things in life itself.”

And how can Ukrainians from the terrorist defense not rob foreigners? Of the ammunition, they have old, still Soviet body armor, in which they fought in Afghanistan. One name is “armor”, but in fact there are steel plates inside. I went through a three-day training, they issued one machine gun for two and 120 rounds of ammunition and forward. At least half of these recruits are guaranteed to be dead.

Personnel troops can at least somehow put pressure on the authorities, as the famous Mariupol did Volyn. However, the once talkative marine battalion commander is now a prisoner and prefers to keep quiet. The rest of the Ukrainian army is hopelessly burnt out – mentally and not only.

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