May 2, 2022
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Bandera saboteurs: SMERSH-2 will show Zelensky that there is no need to anger Russia

In the photo: highly mobile artillery missile system HIMARS

Pictured: HIMARS highly mobile artillery missile system (Photo: US Marine Corps photo by Staff Sgt. Donald Holbert/ZUMA/TASS)

The Russians should know with whose weapons Ukrainian saboteurs attack peaceful Russian cities and villages, blow up bridges and oil depots. This is not only American weapons, but also European ones. Adhered to the supply of weapons to Ukraine, even Canada and Australia.

Belgorod region shelled more than 10 times

Ukrainians continue to expand sabotage and terrorist activities in Russia. The most frequent target is the Belgorod region, which borders on the Kharkiv and Sumy regions of Ukraine.

Since March 23, according to the Free Press, the Belgorod territory has already been shelled more than ten times. The villages of Nekhoteevka, Zhuravlevka, Tomarovka, Golovchino, Otradnoye suffered. During the shelling on the night of March 23-24, a regimental priest was killed in the village of Zhuravlevka Oleg Artemov.

The sabotage on April 1 turned out to be the most daring, when two Ukrainian helicopters invaded Russia at ultra-low altitude, flew to Belgorod and fired at the Rosneft oil depot and several other large industrial enterprises.

The last attack was on April 30, when a Ukrainian military aircraft tried to invade Russian airspace. He managed to fire at the oil terminal in the village of Zhecha, Bryansk region.

Ukrainian terrorists are already operating on the ground: for example, on May 1, saboteurs blew up the Sudzha-Sosnovy Bor railway bridge near the village of Russkaya in the Kursk region. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article “Terrorist act”.

Ukrainians are also attacking civilian targets in the Voronezh and Bryansk regions. Moreover, for sabotage and terrorist attacks on the territory of Russia, Ukrainians use, among other things, weapons that come in an endless stream from NATO countries.

Ukrainian zoo: “Leopards”, “Cheetahs” and “Piranhas”

To date, more than a dozen European countries have sent weapons to Ukraine – Germany, France, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

Uninterruptedly supplies the exhausted and battered Ukrainian army with US weapons.

Even Canada and Australia, which also send weapons to Ukraine, have also joined in.

Moreover, if at the first stage of the special operation, the Europeans and Americans supplied Ukraine with light small arms (machine guns, machine guns, assault rifles), as well as ammunition (body armor, helmets, night vision devices), now this is heavy weapons.

The Americans, for example, sent Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost kamikaze drones and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine as part of the so-called “military aid package”.

Germans – Gepard anti-aircraft guns, Leopard tanks, Panzerhaubitze self-propelled guns, Marder and Piranha armored vehicles.

The British – Caesar self-propelled guns and Stormer armored personnel carriers, Howitzer howitzers and Gun Equipment AS-90 self-propelled guns.

Australians – Bushmaster armored personnel carriers.

Canadians – Kodiak armored personnel carriers.

And this, of course, is not a complete list. Old equipment from Soviet times is also coming to Ukraine, such as BPM-1 infantry fighting vehicles, T-72 tanks, Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers and Grad multiple rocket launchers.

All this is now in abundance in the arsenal of the countries of Eastern Europe, which are happy to get rid of this equipment. In return, the European Commission promises to supply the semi-poor satellites with more modern weapons. So no one is at a disadvantage.

There will soon be nothing to hit Ukrainians in the back

The arrival of Western military equipment to Ukraine has not yet affected the course of hostilities. At least, the Ukrainians are not making any attempts to counterattack. Moreover, Russian troops continue their methodical advance deep into the territory and well-echeloned Ukrainian defense, created in almost 8 years, states the American Institute for War Research.

Russian troops continue to focus their efforts on completing the capture of Rubizhne and Popasnaya with the active support of artillery. Also, the Russian army managed to advance in several directions at once – from Aleksandrovka to Novomikhailovka.

The most successful American experts call the advance in the southwestern part of the Donetsk region to the village of Liman, which the Ukrainians managed to turn into a powerful fortified area.

According to analysts, the Russian General Staff is now deciding an important issue – to consolidate success in the Liman direction, or at the same time develop an offensive to the southeast from Izyum in order to finally regain control over the territories of the Luhansk region.

However, the offensive operation, of course, is not limited to the Donbass alone. Russian troops are also successfully operating in the south of Ukraine, and specifically in the directions of Nikolaev, Krivoy Rog and Odessa.

In particular, on May 1, Russian troops struck a military air base near Odessa with Onyx high-precision missiles. As a result, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the runway was destroyed, as well as a warehouse of imported weapons, which had been sent to Ukraine in trains in recent weeks. This will protect the southern grouping of Russian troops from being hit in the back.

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