Oct 4, 2021
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Baltic Word: Lithuania feeds someone else’s army instead of its own

“The more foreign troops, the less opportunities the country has for its own decisions.”

“On the last day of summer, a new military town was solemnly opened in Lithuania, but it was not intended for its own army, but for the American one. Another military town means that Lithuania will be able to receive even more foreign troops, which, by the way, have already arrived in the country by rotation. They were also given a solemn welcome “,

– writes the Baltic Internet edition Baltic word

Baltic Word: Lithuania feeds someone else's army instead of its own

The publication notes that the military who arrived by rotation are the battle group of the 1/1 ID armored brigade, known as the “Devil’s Brigade” with a rich hundred-year history. The military of this brigade took part in the First World War in France, fought in Vietnam for almost five years, then in Iraq in 1990-1991 and in Afghanistan in the 21st century. Such a combat brigade will now defend Lithuania from the “aggressor”.

In total, about 3,800 military personnel, 80 Abrams tanks, 120 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 10 Bradley fire support vehicles (B-FiST), 15 155-mm Paladin self-propelled howitzers, more than 500 tracked vehicles, 850 trailers, more than 1,500 wheeled vehicles and other military equipment arrived in the country. – the whole army, the content of which falls entirely on the Lithuanian budget, emphasizes Baltic word

The author of the article Vyris Godmanis notes that with each such rotation of the American military and equipment in Europe, information about all movements becomes more and more closed. This time, the first official reports on the movements of such a large number of military personnel were made after a fait accompli – when all military equipment had already been unloaded in the Polish port.

Meanwhile, significant budgetary funds are allocated for the development of their own national armed forces, which are not spent on their own army. All this money of the Lithuanian taxpayers is “eaten” from time to time by the foreign army, which should be fed and serviced.

“All this once again speaks of the complete inability (or unwillingness?) Of the head of state to follow his own path of development, as well as complete dependence on the decisions made in the United States. It seems that the government does not understand that the more foreign troops will be deployed on the territory of Lithuania, the less the government will have the ability to make its own decisions. Lithuania is turning into a puppet under the leadership of a person who is incompetent in managing his own army and country ”,

– concludes Baltic word

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