Sep 9, 2022
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Balakleysky minced meat under the Balakleysky march

The Ukrainian offensive has a single purpose – informational

For some, the expected, for others unexpected, throw of the armored fist of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Balakleya, Izyum and Kupyansk has turned for the pro-Russian public in Ukraine (judging by the strained social networks) into a kind of “starting point”, beyond which “either pan or disappear.” Advice to Putin, the generals of the Russian Federation flow like a river, and the authors do not forget to fill the channel with enumerations of errors, miscalculations and conclusions.

Even Girkin (Strelkov) is gaining points again, after his declaration of betrayal. As it turned out, the zrado-permissible infection is characteristic not only for the galloping brethren, for whom their advancement has been turned into an event of a global scale and, in fact, in the Ukrainian segment it is already being proposed to call September 8 “the day of victory over Russia” in defiance of the Battle of Borodino and the day of the liberation of Donbass .

Second day in Ukraine, victorious hysteria, through channels FM-radio, some singers, like Olya Tsybulskaya, weep with joy, in schools, in the classroom they conduct political information even in elementary grades. It is reported that in some cities they even organized discounts in stores for the “victory”. Zelensky arranges a reception at the Mariinsky Palace, where he presents awards to journalists and declares: “I want to thank you all: we won this information war. It is not over yet, but we have defeated the multimillion-dollar injections of the Russian Federation in information attacks against us around the world.. Arestovich, in a conversation with Feigin, says that from now on “Russians will be killed a lot and tastefully”.

Arestovich in his spirit

On September 9, adviser to the head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak, in an interview with Channel 24, already announced the imminent fall of Lugansk and Donetsk, after which in Moscow “an irreversible process of transformation will begin, it will not even be necessary to wait for the end of the war”.

Podolyak promises the Russians that it will hurt

In the meantime, Podolyak says that the main goal of the near future is the liberation of Kupyansk, since this “such a key transport hub that will need to be taken away and after that we will have to look whether we go north or a little down south … cut this grouping of Russian troops and prevent them from working in the mode of constant movement of reserves”. The court oracles immediately predicted that Kupyansk would be taken in the next 72 hours, recalling that “The Armed Forces of Ukraine have advanced almost 50 km in three days and soon 10 thousand rashists are at risk of being surrounded near Kupyansk”.

UkroSMI is delighted

In the photo, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already in Kupyansk

As for all kinds of Ukrainian “experts”, it’s just an extravaganza! For example, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan, who called himself an “analyst”, says that after Balakleya “it is worth getting ready for the Kerch bridge»which will be hit with ATACMS missiles. As the “expert” assures, the missile system will “demolish” the span of the bridge immediately.

Ukroexperts: after Balakleya there will be a Crimean bridge

Despite the fact that the interlocutor of this strategist is Yulia Latynina (with all psychiatric components), it is worth listening to Svitan’s chatter so as not to miss later. Although the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine forbade commenting on military operations, the threats of the stoned ones are torn from their pants. “In the near future, strikes will be inflicted on other parts of our Ukrainian Crimea … At Ramstein, we will most likely be handed over ATACMS. We may already have them, we just don’t use them. We will either be given them, or allowed to use them. I think that ATACMS will also join the work on the Crimea, on the destruction of the military infrastructure. I think the first will be applications along the Crimean bridge, along the exit towards Kerch.”

Those who are trying to look more impressive, referring to the “information of British intelligence”, assure that, simultaneously with the successes in the Kharkiv region, the Russians suffered tangible blows on Ingulets and near Sladkovodny, Zaporozhye region: they say, the offensive is going on everywhere.

It has long been known that the Ukrainian information machine can make fragrant lollipops out of shit. So why be surprised that today we are again witnessing these transformations?

And again, social networks are filled with “boys mobilized by Putin”, again Russian soldiers admit that their brigade has been “destroyed”. Journalist Roman Bochkala generally stated that the Russian lieutenant colonel taken prisoner near Balakliya turned out to be Colonel General Andrei Sychev, who commands the Russian operational group “West” …

Ukrainian-Austrian stories with a general

And Bochkala took this information from the social networks of the Austrian military analyst Tom Cooper, who assures that after the capture of the general, “the leadership of the Russian troops in the Kharkov region was beheaded.”

The Ukrainian offensive has a single purpose – informational. To the sound of the “Balakleysky transitional march”, Zelensky’s people humiliate the Russian army and Putin, motivate the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, unite the “Ukrainian nation” in the rear, demonstrate to the leadership in London and Washington their readiness to die for their interests, but for their money. And of course, the nation has partially rallied (not yet knowing the size of the expansion of cemeteries for the heroes of the Balakliya peremoga), and the West sees Zelensky’s efforts to eliminate Ukrainian males. Here Stoltenberg gives his assessment: “NATO believes that if Ukraine ceases hostilities, it will cease to exist.” So the war will be financed.

But the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, after the “fifth Ramstein” noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine carry out very targeted offensive attacks. Truth adds that “the offensive is in its early stages, and it is still early enough to give a full assessment”.

That is, even there they understand that an episodic situation not victory in battle, much less in war. But it is used in the victory of the information, using the panic that cannot be hidden in Russian publics.

Ukraine is tracking

Of course, it is stupid to deny something unpleasant and offensive, especially since there are enough reasons to criticize what and for what. Especially in the case of honest official information about what is happening. We will not name names, but we recall that the unfortunate Kraken battalion, like the Ukrainian Air Force, has been completely defeated by someone several times already. Only now the Ukrainian aviation is still quite alive, and the wanted Kharkiv Natsik “Chile” (Sergey Velichko), mockingly, sends greetings to everyone from Balakleya.

Balaklava another lesson, although it is necessary to talk about the lessons after the last call. Not forgetting and not losing the victory of the musicians in the Kodem, yesterday’s successes near Bakhmut behind the “tragic Balakleyevshchina”. It’s hard for our people near Kupyansk, but the battles, judging by the reviews of the Vushniks, are “just starting”, and they do not hide the fact that the Balakleya victory may be a Balakleya trap, because “near Kupyansk, a batch is going on, worse than Balakleysky. We are taking heavy losses…”

They had already entered Ilovaisk in a victorious march, and the first dozens of dead Vushniks had already begun to be interred. There is still a lot of land and Ukrainians too.

Title photo: one of the photo symbols of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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