May 4, 2021
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Balaclava – plugin for Photoshop

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Balaclava is a powerful Photoshop plugin that uses specific techniques to provide you with the most modern, professional and eye-catching cartoon effects and face styles. Ea few clicks and in seconds. With Balaclava you have several options in terms of your image, there are 04 cartoon styles, you can use your favorites depending on your image:

  • Soft Cartoon: Made for the law of bright and sharp images.
  • Semi-Cartoon: Designed for semi-sharp images.
  • Illustrated Cartoon: Created for perfect images and this is the recommended choice.
  • Hard Cartoon: Designed for tall, bright images with high sharpness.

Balaclava Supports the smart algorithm that comes with Photoshop to detect your face and give your facial features a different look suitable with the added cartoon effect, we’ve already created 05 face styles that work with any detected face:

  • Smile: Add a cool smile to your face.
  • Big Face: Turns your face into a nice big face.
  • Anime Face: Adds a cool anime effect to your facial features.
  • Angry Face: Adds perfect evil style to your face.
  • Slim Face: Turns your face into a good looking slim face.

Balaclava supports masked or unmasked images, no limit always works fine with any images, but unmasked images do not support editable background.

    • Modern Photoshop plugin design.
    • Easy to use in a few clicks.
    • 04 Editable cartoon effects.
    • Face recognition algorithms.
    • 05 Editable face styles.
    • With or without a mask.
    • 08 Editable backgrounds.
    • 20 color effects.
    • 100% editable cartoon effect.

You must definitely have:

  • Your Photoshop version is CC2015.5 or higher.
  • Your Photoshop includes the Oil Paint plugin.
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