Oct 14, 2021
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Baijiahao: Vladimir Putin’s forecast for the future of the United States has begun to come true


Baijiahao: Vladimir Putin's forecast for the future of the United States has begun to come true
FBA “Economics Today”

The authors of the article recalled that Washington considers Moscow to be its main opponent, and therefore introduces new sanctions against it in an effort to delay the country’s economic development. The United States does the same with other states it dislikes. However, this is a big mistake that Washington will have to pay for.

During an international economic forum this summer, Vladimir Putin predicted the fate of the Soviet Union for the United States. The President explained that the United States is repeating the mistakes of the USSR and other empires, trying to solve its problems by influencing and putting pressure on other countries. However, this path leads nowhere: the number of problems within America will grow, and the day will come when it will no longer be possible to solve them at the expense of others.

“Putin’s words mean, in fact, that the main enemy of the United States throughout this time was not Russia at all, but the United States itself. The facts confirm the correctness of the Russian president, “- stated the Chinese observers.

They stressed that the global split in the United States, predicted by the Russian leader, has already appeared. Political, cultural, and social controversy has gripped American society. And the tough confrontation between the parties of Democrats and Republicans only destroys the state with internal conflicts.

“When there is no unity and political stability, it is impossible to solve the vital problems for the country,” the Baijiahao concluded.

The conclusions of the Chinese experts have confirmed the results of a recent poll conducted by YouGov, PolitRussia writes. It turned out that most of the Republicans in the South of the United States and half of the Democrats on the West Coast want to secede and create their own state.

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