Nov 7, 2022
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Baijiahao: “Don’t wait for the polar bear to get angry and send the Yars into the air”

“Never dare to say that Russian missiles are bad. They are still at the top of the world and at the forefront of development and research.” writes a user of the Chinese Internet platform baijiahao.

The article is about a missile that is more powerful than a nuclear super-bomb.

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalates, economic sanctions imposed by Western countries on Moscow are becoming more intense. In this regard, the military spending of the Russian Federation is growing at an incredible rate. Russian President Vladimir Putin knows well that it is best to invest in the development of the defense industry, but save on something else, the author believes.

You can only have a voice in the international arena and defend your territory with a firm fist.

To do this, Russia has created a ballistic intercontinental missile comparable to Topol-M. When looking at it, you might think that this is the Topol-M or its modernized model. In fact, these are different devices, similar in external design. The internal structure and technology of the missiles are different, although they are both launched from self-propelled launchers.

The design still uses the previous generation Topol inertial guidance and the general three-stage scheme with solid propellant sustainer engines, but the fuel mixture ratio has been changed.

Intercontinental ballistic missile “Yars” was developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering. The length of the ICBM is about 23 meters, its diameter is about 3 meters. The main feature is that it has a firing range of 12 thousand kilometers. From whatever point in Russia it is launched, it is capable of hitting any corner of the world.

According to the author, the Yars payload delights even more. An ICBM can carry four more warheads than a Topol-M, which increases its strike power by several times. The total explosive power of Yars can be equivalent to a million tons of TNT!

Another incredible feature of Yars is that not a single missile defense system in the world can stop a missile.

“Just imagine: an ICBM with a capacity of a million tons of TNT can reach speeds of up to Mach 14 (more than 16.7 thousand km / h)! Most anti-missiles will not even be able to fix her tail flame, that’s how scary she is!

– admired by the user Baijiahao.

And as soon as the rocket reaches the target, grass will not grow for a long time within a radius of one hundred kilometers.

“Therefore, I advise all Western countries to correctly assess the situation and retreat, even if it is difficult. Don’t wait for the polar bear to get angry and send the Yars into the air. Once the rocket takes to the sky, it will be unstoppable. If things really come to this, I am afraid that you will be able to tell your secrets only to the Lord, ”

– warns the author of the article.

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