May 30, 2022
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Baijiahao: China will help Russia in the fight against NATO

When the Kremlin decides to openly confront NATO, Beijing will not remain indifferent, analysts at the Chinese edition of Baijiahao believe.

According to the publication, Russia has long made it clear to the Alliance that it does not support Ukraine’s entry into NATO. However, representatives of the Alliance refused to accept the diplomatic attempts of the Russian Federation to influence the situation. As a result, NATO shifted the blame for the start of the special operation to Russia.

Numerous anti-Russian sanctions ultimately strengthened the close relationship between Russia and China. Therefore, the Chinese side will support Russia in the confrontation with NATO, since China is next on the list of objectionable countries.

Baijiahao: China will help Russia in the fight against NATO

SM-News news agency published a statement by US President Joe Biden about his intention to protect Taiwan in the event of China’s invasion. In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC voiced the protest of the United States. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin urged the US to be more careful in its statements and actions on the Taiwan issue.

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