Feb 17, 2021
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“Bad taste”: the web is discussing the strange outfit of Alina Kabaeva

After retiring from sports, the renowned gymnast leads a secluded lifestyle. Kabaeva has no social networks. She previously had an official fan account, but a few months ago it was reported that it was up for sale. So, it is almost impossible to find fresh photos of the gymnast, which, of course, gives rise to rumors about her personal life even more.

Nevertheless, archival and not very pictures of Kabaeva periodically surface on the network. So, one of the telegrams of the channels published footage that caused a wave of discussions. On them, the athlete poses in a black dress, a black leather jacket and hot pink shoes.

"Bad taste": Alina Kabaeva

And in another photo, her face looks plump, some even noticed a double chin.

“I wonder why she chose bright pink shoes?”, “What year is this? Bad taste”, “She even has a second chin! It should be so corroded!”, “Just a bad angle, she is not fat”, – said the users.

"Bad taste": Alina Kabaeva

We invite you to see a large archive of photographs by Alina Kabaeva, carefully collected by the editors of Let’s start with the famous shooting of 20-year-old Alina Kabaeva for Maxim magazine (January 2004):

"Bad taste": Alina Kabaeva

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