Feb 22, 2021
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Baba Manukyana did not agree with Lazarev’s victory in “Dancing with the Stars”

The day before the final of the show “Dancing with the Stars” took place, Sergey Lazarev and Ekaterina Osipova won the competition. However, Baba Manukyana, who took the second point with Daria Paley, formulated disagreement with this decision of the judges.

Baba Manukyana did not agree with Lazarev's victory in

After the end of the show, David Manukyan published a post with the final dance, under which he thanked his partner, sighs and organizers of the “Dancing with the Stars” project. In the comments, the blogger’s subscribers formulated the view that for them he became the single winner in the show.

Also, Dava’s woman, Milena Davtyan, took the side of her grandson, reporting that the refereeing was in vain. She also drew attention to the words of Lazarev that the second point was supported by Manukyanu to get just a sincere acquaintance and participation in one of the numbers of Philip Kirkorov. ”

Milena claims that Kirkorov, whom she called “a great soul and heart man,” at one time supported Lazareva at Eurovision.

“In this place it was necessary to bite the tongue,” Baba Dava advised Lazarev.

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