May 12, 2022
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Azovstal: Ukraine is looking for the guilty – who suggested the Russians the moves in the tunnels?

In the photo: a view of the Azovstal plant, damaged as a result of shelling.

In the photo: a view of the Azovstal plant, damaged as a result of shelling. (Photo: Petr Kovalev/TASS)

Zhovto-Blakit bloggers got angry at the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchukwho worries so much about the surrounded “Azov” that she simply blocks their wives in social networks. It is a bummer to respond to bitter reproaches or requests to “learn at least something about their husbands.”

“It’s even hard to imagine what a hypocritical creature you need to be in order to behave like this,” Ukrainian truth-tellers reacted.

Vereshchuk, by the way, said that now the number of encircled people has decreased to a thousand, although a couple of weeks ago, about three thousand were hiding in the underground bunkers of the metallurgical plant.

“Free Press” has already written that the “Ze-team” got sick of the relatives of the soldiers, who reproach the yellow-Blakit Garant for draining the “heroes”. The Office of the President (OP) even came up with Jesuit rules for obtaining information about the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who have not been in contact for a long time. Worse, the Kyiv regime plans to introduce criminal penalties for self-search for information about them. And on the website of the Ukrainian General Staff a formal message appeared: “We share your feelings.”

No, many people in the community do not feel sorry for the “Azovites” at all – people are really shocked by the “Ze-team”, which is self-promotion and catches hype on the “heroes”, however, ordering them to die in boilers. The cynicism is just overwhelming.

Now in the Western media, a campaign is being launched to rescue the Nazis locked up in the Azovstal dungeon. Say, many Ukrainian soldiers are wounded and need treatment. The catacombs under the plant are described as “hell on earth”.

At the same time, Ukrainian Internet resources report fables about the imminent rescue of the defenders of independence. So, the ex-commander of the Azov regiment Maxim Zhorin said that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was already preparing a plan for the military deblockade of Mariupol, in which the Ukrainian military continued to hold positions on the territory of the Azovstal plant.

However, according to Zhorin, the Azovites have almost no time and opportunity to wait. It is not clear why then give hope. Apparently, Kyiv categorically does not want the national battalion to surrender – it’s not an image.

By the way, the founder and first commander of the Azov regiment Andrey Biletsky in an interview for a special project ICTV said a curious thing. According to him, many fighters of the Azov regiment do not have a civilian profession, since they recruited at the age of 16 and 17.

“Some of them were still schoolchildren in 2014… a significant number of Azov residents are ideological Ukrainian nationalists,” Biletsky said. We are talking about a very young generation, who were brainwashed by the pigs who are now fleeing the country. These “Slavaukrainians”, apparently, are ignoramuses and are easily manipulated by the seasoned media workers of the “Ze-team”.

Biletsky also explained that the Azov Regiment is a special unit that NATO instructors have been training for 8 years in 24/7 mode.

According to him, the UN refused to carry out the extraction procedure in relation to the Nazis, saying that the evacuation of seriously wounded fighters is contrary to their policy – “these are soldiers, which means they have two ways. Either give up or die.” By the way, in the photographs of the wounded, published by the Zhovto-Blakit media with an appeal to the Red Cross for salvation, one can see aged people, possibly mercenaries.

Britain’s The Guardian writes that “Wounded soldiers trapped inside Azovstal are begging for help,” but does not report that Russia is ready to provide treatment for the prisoners. And the TODAY Parents resource says that the crippled defenders of independence are ready to kill Russians in any conditions. In particular, Ilya Samoylenko, a 27-year-old Azov Regiment headquarters officer, stated: “We stand high on our missing legs. We hold weapons in lost hands.” And such, according to his information, 90%.

It is not entirely clear why the overseas media, and the mainstream ones at that, glorify the “Azov” people, who, let us recall, openly declared that they “defend the white race.” Something of the Black Lives Matter movement as well as personally Lloyd Austin I Karine Jean-Pierre (the Pentagon and the White House) did not protest in this regard.

Take, for example, the military-analytical publication The War Zone, funded by the US Department of Defense, which promotes the encirclement to the fullest. “Despite weeks of continuous attacks from the air, ground, Ukrainian forces say they still control most of the Azovstal steel plant,” writes a WZ author. Howard Altmanwhose compatriots, by the way, were ruthlessly destroyed by the URP (Ukrainian Republican Party) in Babi Yar. This is surprising because Azov is the CPR of today.

“They plan to fight until there are no defenders left,” Altman writes with pathos and quotes the words Bogdan KrotevichMajor in the Ukrainian National Guard and Chief of Staff of the Azov Regiment, who, in an exclusive interview with The War Zone, stated that “we are still fighting.”

Altman told the Americans that “the Russians were able to enter the plant because an Azovstal employee betrayed Ukraine and told the Russians about the underground tunnels that lead to the plant.”

At international forums, the situation with Azov is being discussed quite vigorously. Moreover, Western society is aware of what this regiment is. Here are some fairly typical posts.

A user with the nickname nouser4u writes: “Whoever denies the connection of Azov with the neo-Nazi movement is either stupid or trying to manipulate the truth. Of course they are Nazis. Look at the symbolism, look at their former leader. But basically, look at those foreigners who join them. In our country (Barbados, a British pseudo-state) there are neo-Nazis who went to fight in Ukraine.”

Forum member History Debuff concluded: “These fighters fought well, but ended up being betrayed by their own government because they were ordered to fortify Azovstal along with civilians, knowing that they would not be able to get out. This is just Zelensky’s sacrifice.”

Zhovto-zhivannaya sofa fighter @distrustful blames his president for everything: “From the heroic regiment there were horns and legs. Thank you, Guarantor.

* Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

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