Jun 4, 2022
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Azovstal-2: Akhra Avidzba, commander of Pyatnashka, answered Zelensky

In the photo: Akhra Avidzba

In the photo: Akhra Avidzba (Photo: Alexander Reka / TASS)

Avdiivka Coke Plant could become a second Azovstal for Ukrainian militants, the commander of the Pyatnashka volunteer battalion told RIA Novosti Akhra Avidzba. However, according to him, the military republics will not wait so long to surrender.

Answering the question whether the national battalions could dig in at the Avdeevka plant, he replied: “Yes, I hope … We will show them that we are also humane people, but not so much. We’ll just fill them with concrete. We won’t wait for them.”

According to the commander of the militia, the nationalists will be given a certain period to surrender. “If they don’t leave, they will stay there,” Avidzba concluded.

The Avdiivka Coke Plant is located in Kyiv-controlled Avdiivka, which has a line of contact between the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the People’s Militia of the DPR for almost eight years. From this settlement, Ukrainian troops regularly shell the territory of the DPR, in particular Yasinovataya and the suburbs of Donetsk.

The plant itself is the largest coke producer in Ukraine and is owned by Metinvest, which in turn is owned by a Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. Like Azovstal. Only, unlike Azovstal, this is an environmentally hazardous enterprise with corresponding consequences during its assault.

The same can be said about the Azot plant in Severodonetsk.

The fact that militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to repeat the Mariupol scenario in Severodonetsk was previously told by an officer of the People’s Militia of the LPR Andrey Marochko. According to him, they lured the civilian population of the city to a chemical plant, from which it is not possible to get out.

He said that Ukrainian militants entered the territory of the plant together with civilians and intend to hide behind them as a human shield. To prevent civilians from leaving the bomb shelters of the enterprise, the nationalists mined all the entrances and exits.

Marochko also noted that in addition to serious risks to the lives of the civilian population, the militants pose a threat of an accident at the plant, which could lead to catastrophic consequences.

“If the nationalists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine blow up at least one tank with chemical compounds, an ecological catastrophe will occur. The plant has a large amount of ammonium nitrate and ammonia, which, if detonated, will destroy all life within a radius of 20 km, ”said an officer of the People’s Militia.

So, should the LPR or DPR expect a new Azovstal? It is worth noting that the situation with Azovstal became a publicity stunt not only for the extremist Azov regiment, banned in Russia, but also personally for the President of Ukraine and his speakers, who demanded the world’s help in releasing the militants blocked at the enterprise.

“It seems that in both the first and second cases such a scenario is unlikely,” he said. Doctor of Philology, military-political expert Vladimir Sapunov.

– Both enterprises – the Avdeevka Coke and Chemical Plant and Azot – are extremely harmful enterprises, and although both are not working now, for obvious reasons, the raw materials accumulated there are quite enough to make them breathless and very quickly. If we put aside this factor, according to communications, Azot is more like a plant named after Ilyich in Mariupol, and it should not present such a difficulty during the assault. Koksokhim in Avdiyivka is three times smaller than Azovstal in area, underground utilities are more serious there, but it is also futile to keep them on their own, as evidenced by the example of Mariupol.

In Avdiivka, after all, the main problem for the DPR is that the city itself has been turned into a powerful fortified area with a powerful garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, attacks in the forehead were not successful, and entry from the flanks in the conditions of the agglomeration is also seriously difficult. And even to drive the enemy to Koksokhim, you still have to try hard. Of course, this is a matter of time, but, alas, no one canceled the shelling of Donetsk from Avdiivka – every day there are new victims and destruction.

“SP”: – And what about the Severodonetsk “Azot”?

– In general, it seems that the VFU simply left cover detachments at the Azot plant and in the industrial zone – in order to slow down the advance on Lisichansk. How long they will have to stay there – until captivity or complete destruction, is still unknown, but it is clear that one of the two is only a matter of time.

The final encirclement of Lisichansk, which must be taken as soon as possible, given that it is located more than 200 meters above Severodonetsk – and this makes it possible to fire at it from command heights, across the Seversky Donets River.

Another potential danger is that allied troops operate in the area in a certain “pocket”, which creates some kind of threat of encirclement. Therefore, before the assault on Lisichansk, it is desirable to take or at least completely surround the Gorskoe-Zolotoe fortified area.

And, of course, the problem of the Severodonetsk industrial zone needs to be solved as soon as possible. Therefore, the third option is not ruled out – the Ukrainians may be given the opportunity to withdraw to Lisichansk across the bridge, which is practically under the fire control of Russian troops. The option is not very good, but acceptable, given that our troops are in a disadvantageous position in terms of artillery confrontation.

However, both the offer to surrender and the possibility of a “window window” should be very short-lived, since the cover detachment for that and the cover detachment to help the main forces regroup in other places.

However, the encirclement of Lisichansk is in any case a matter of the near future. And if the political and military command of Ukraine decides to defend Lisichansk to the last, and not retreat to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, then the Ukrainian troops will again, contrary to all the rules of military art, defend themselves in the environment – without any hope of release. Then the fate of the “defenders of Mariupol” is inevitable.

Alas, this will lead to massive destruction and civilian casualties. But to play the same show as in Mariupol, it will hardly work. The Azov National Regiment * was both a media asset and a certain caste in society. The defenders of Lisichansk are not so popular and well-known. However, the Bandera people are fighting with the desperation of the doomed. They understand what awaits them. And the industrial zone in Severodonetsk will still have to tinker.

“Let’s not blindly extrapolate the situation with Azovstal to the situation with the Avdiivka industrial zone,” says historian, publicist, permanent expert of the Izborsk Club. Alexander Dmitrievsky.

– The formation of each of the units of defense of the Ukrainian punishers took place in their own, and very unique, conditions. And if we do not take them into account, then we will not lose, but we will increase unnecessary losses.

“SP”: – That is, it is impossible to compare the Avdeevsky Coke and Chemical Plant with Azovstal?

More differences than common. Azovstal is a metallurgical plant originally built for defense programs in the rear city, which Bandera systematically turned into a fortified area long before the assault. Avdiyivka Coke Plant is originally a front-line zone: a few kilometers away is the Donetsk airport and the Yasinovatsky checkpoint with the adjacent Donetsk filtration station on the South Donbass water pipeline.

“SP”: – Do you think Ukrainian fighters will try to hide there, as was the case with “Azovstal”?

– Let’s put it simply: the Bandera people are certainly not going to give up and retreat without a fight. Because the Avdiivka industrial zone (or “promka”, as it is often called) is the main springboard from where the punishers are shelling Donetsk and other cities of the DPR. And this means that the battle for Avdiivka will be serious.

“SP”: – It turns out that the lessons of “Azovstal” did not teach anything?

— And what about the lessons of Azovstal? Bandera has a firm policy: where a retreat is inevitable, act not just on the principle of scorched earth, but also in such a way that the enemy pays the highest possible price for victory.

“SP”: – Zelensky, for sure, will try to repeat the show that he arranged with Azovstal on all world sites. Is it real?

– Maybe he will try, but everything “great” happens only once. Do you remember how Ukrainian “cyborgs” became “coffins” at the Donetsk airport? Do you remember how the Banderaites “plannedly retreated” from Debaltseve? So, Bandera propaganda, of course, will draw new martyrs. And orders with medals Zelensky will distribute whole boxes to the dead punishers. But the retreat, no matter how heroic it may be and during which the army dies, sooner or later will begin to raise very hard-hitting questions.

* Images of chevrons of the Azov Battalion, recognized as extremist by the decision of the Frunzensky District Court of Vladimir 11/30/2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials under item 3269.

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