Jun 22, 2022
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Aziza’s husband is not going to let his wife go just like that


According to rumors, the singer Aziza returned to her ex-husband.

A few days ago, the artist stunned the public by saying that she had left a young Italian for a former boyfriend. The husband of the singer Alessandro Lorte is now abroad and does not know what to do, because he does not want to break off relations with the star of the 90s.

Alessandro Lorte does not want to lose the singer, so she will do everything so that she returns to him. In the near future, the Italian businessman will come to Moscow and talk face to face with Aziza.

I just won’t let her go! – exclaims the artist’s husband. She is my destiny. I dream of a wedding and believe that the sacrament will take place this summer, as we planned. I don’t understand at all why Brodolin appeared on the horizon? My wife and I did not quarrel, did not quarrel. She is now at a difficult stage: she is moving once again to rented housing, working, studying to be a quantum psychologist, passing exams, acting in films, preparing for solo concerts. I tried to morally support her always and in everything.“.

Aziza - photo from the archive -
Aziza – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

In the meantime, the man does not find a place for himself, because the performer is about to move to the former chosen one Alexander Brodolin. “The third day I am in stress. Even the appetite was gone from such news. I never expected that Aziza would decide to leave me for Alexander, whom, by the way, she introduced us to last year. I told her: “Amore, you can’t enter the same river twice.” But she doesn’t want to hear from me. He just smiles … Everything was fine with Aziza. Even when I went to Italy to deal with business matters, we were always in touch. We called five times a day. And every time I told her how much I loved her. He showed all kinds of signs of attention, sent gifts for all holidays ...” Lorte said.

With whom the 58-year-old Aziza will end up with, time will tell. Alessandro hopes that his wife will come to her senses and will not make a choice in favor of Brodolin.

I decided to quit everything in Italy and see my beloved woman, says the husband of the star of the 90s. We need to talk to her one on one. I am sure that when our eyes and souls meet in reality, she will change her mind. Aziza is very emotional. Now she does not pick up the phone, does not answer text messages. In the last message she wrote that it would be better for both of us. But it won’t get any better. We will be fine only together, only the two of us. As we always dreamed“, quotes PROZVEZD.

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