Aug 27, 2021
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Azerbaijani Armed Forces blocked the highway in Armenia

The hostile actions by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on the southern borders of Armenia continue – late in the evening of August 25, the Azerbaijani military blocked the section of the Kapan-Goris highway in the area of ​​the settlements of Karmrakar and Shurnukh. Traffic on the highway was completely stopped.

The next day, August 26, they also blocked the section of the Goris – Vorotan highway.

As a result, several villages in the Syunik region were cut off, their food supply and urgent medical assistance was hampered.

Negotiations with the Azerbaijani military were conducted by Russian border guards, thanks to their efforts, it was possible to evacuate civilian vehicles that were blocked on the highway.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the alternative road from the blocked villages to the highway passes through fields and mountains, only all-terrain vehicles can pass along this road, said the headman of the blocked village of Bartsravan (Syunik region) Onik Avakyan

Not only residents of several villages found themselves in the blockade, huge traffic jams were formed on the highway from trucks heading from Iran to Armenia

“The border of Armenia starts from Meghri, and Iranian trucks freely enter the territory of Armenia. However, problems arose while trying to get to Yerevan, hundreds of trucks from Iran are waiting for the Azerbaijani military to unblock the route, ”

– said the Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan on Friday at the briefing.

Armenian human rights defender Arman Tatoyan is sure that blocking the road was a pre-planned operation of the Azerbaijani side and is yet another provocation.

“Due to the clearly criminal actions of the Azerbaijani military personnel, the free movement of the civilian population (including children, women, elderly citizens) of the villages in the blockade is severely restricted. Analysis of the situation shows that two sections of the Goris-Kapan road have been closed at the direction of the top leadership of Azerbaijan. It bears direct responsibility for criminal acts that violated the safety of people, their peaceful life and peace, led to tension in society, ”

– reads the statement of the Ombudsman of Armenia.

He insists that the Armenian authorities must act quickly and decisively according to the principle “every minute counts.”

Let us remind you that earlier Tatoyan had warned more than once that the illegal presence of the Azerbaijani military on the Armenian territory would certainly entail new provocations.

Only in the morning of August 27, the Azerbaijani side agreed to start negotiations with the Armenian authorities. The negotiations are being conducted by representatives of the NSS of Armenia jointly with the border units of the FSB of the Russian Federation.

The track remains blocked. Food is delivered to local residents by the Russian military.

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