Apr 25, 2022
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AvtoVAZ wants to give to the Chinese

AvtoVAZ wants to give to the Chinese

Photo: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

The car plant in Togliatti will not be developed on its own, but will be given to the Chinese. Such news fits perfectly into the picture that has developed with the “reindustrialization” in Russia. Two months have passed since the beginning of the “special operation”, and nothing is being done in terms of developing the country’s economy. Patriotic economists and politicians are sounding the alarm, apparently, they are going to betray Russia once again.

A certain “source in state structures” said that a share of Renault (68%) in AvtoVAZ could be bought out by one of the Chinese automakers. There is no confirmation of this information yet, but TASS has good sources. Yes, and this is very similar to the truth in principle. All other actions of the authorities over the past two months clearly indicate that no one is even trying to launch any “reindustrialization”.

A few years ago, there was already talk of “new industrialization”. From the highest stands there were calls for the need to move away from the raw material model of the economy, building a processing industry, and other fine words. They remain words. We talked, reassured the people a little, and limited ourselves to this.

Now exactly the same thing is being observed, officials have completely stopped mentioning the new economy and are talking about “parallel imports”. The same import, but exorbitantly. Westerners should not be considered fools, if the Ministry of Industry and Trade announces a list of goods for this very “parallel import”, then this means that they will be let through to us. Because money doesn’t smell. They take all of us, ordinary Russians, for fools. The authorities report on the fight against sanctions, but de facto only increase the profits of foreign companies.

It is curious that there are no machine tools and other industrial equipment on the list for this very import. And for some reason, duties on them are also not canceled, although it is their import into Russia that is now simply vital. But expensive cars – Land Rover, Jaguar, Chrysler, Bentley, Cadillac and Tesla – will be imported. So that officials and their “friendly” rich people have something to ride on.

What’s going on? It seems that in our country the new “Vlasovites” and other “dobrobabins” have taken over, and all patriotic forces have been driven under the plinth.

“It would be possible to create a special commission on import substitution and economic management, to give it emergency powers. But no one thinks about it, although two months have passed since the beginning of the tough sanctions pressure. So far, the state has not reacted in any way to the most serious challenges that objectively face us. As if he hopes that everything will resolve itself – they say, wait a bit, and sanctions will be lifted from us. But it’s pointless to hope for it. In order to lift the sanctions, it is necessary either to inflict unacceptable damage on the enemy, or to create a threat of this damage. And for this, will and determination are needed,” said Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Mikhail Delyagin.

No one wants to pay for Russian gas in rubles either, and, apparently, they won’t. We are ready, as before, in euros, but our country is unlikely to get this money. The funds transferred to Gazprombank and other credit organizations (against which, in a strange way, sanctions have not been announced …) will simply be stolen soon too.

“Now the currency is accumulating on the balance sheets of a very small group of Russian commercial banks. It is obvious that at some point in the sanctions war, the collective West will slam all these foreign exchange savings. I don’t think it will happen tomorrow. Washington and its allies will wait until Russia has more savings. Maybe it will exceed $100 billion. This will be that “hellish” sanction, which the collective West is now prudently silent about, ”explains the doctor of economic sciences Valentin Katasonov.

Thus, all gas and all oil, as well as other goods that continue to flow through our borders, will again go to the “enlightened general people” for free. And we, as it were, cannot include the “response” in the form of the seizure of foreign property – the same AvtoVAZ. The Constitution doesn’t allow it.

“The Council for the Codification and Improvement of Civil Legislation under the President of Russia gave a negative review to the bill submitted to the State Duma on the nationalization of assets owned by citizens of unfriendly countries. The initiative contradicts Article 35 of the Russian Constitution, which states that “no one can be deprived of his property except by a court decision.” The forced alienation of property for state needs can only be carried out on condition of preliminary and equivalent compensation, ”said the chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

So, according to the Constitution, Yukos was “withdrawn”? Then they did everything right, but now the gut is thin? Or do you not want to offend your foreign friends? If there was a desire, the world-famous Basmanny Court would have made the right decision long ago and that’s it, on the way. But we see the opposite.

At the same time, the West is already “cleaning up” the smallest property of the Russian people in Europe. So, in the Czech Republic they even got to small houses that were purchased by Russian citizens. This modest property was bought because it was cheaper than a dacha on six acres in the SNT near Moscow. And now it can be nationalized. And the Russian authorities seem to be unable to respond. Or they don’t want to.

It is not clear what is going on at AvtoVAZ. It seems like the conveyor should be launched, but the good old Niva will not be produced. Say, there are no ABS sensors for it and those will not appear for another year, or even more. The fact that it was produced all the time without this, in general, unnecessary system, does not bother anyone. Yes, ABS has been installed for several years, like progress. But no one is stopping her from throwing it out. Need a car!

Or not needed? If we take into account the plans to transfer the plant to the Chinese, then everything falls into place. People from the Celestial Empire do not need any production in Togliatti. They will simply continue the same policy that the French pursued. Namely, they will completely kill all production and transfer AvtoVAZ to a “screwdriver assembly”. Parts will be brought from China and then twisted, and Russian officials, as before, will begin to broadcast about the “percentage of localization”. We have already gone through all this. And they don’t need Niva, Shniva and Grant.

We are losing on all economic fronts. And Mikhail Delyagin, alas, is right – there is no reaction from the authorities. Even defensive. But the best air defense, as Marshal Pavel Rybalko said, is our tanks on enemy airfields.

There is money, a lot of it. Including foreign accounts. But officials, apparently, are diligently waiting for more to accumulate there and “general people” to take everything back into their hands. Although you could already buy a lot of everything you need.

“Purchases are not consumer goods, but investment goods (machinery and equipment) necessary for import substitution and restoration of the destroyed industry. As an option: purchases of gold on the world market can become an additional channel for the sale of large receipts of “toxic” currency. For example: China, which ranks first in the world in gold mining, annually buys almost 1,000 tons of precious metal on the world market,” suggests Valentin Katasonov.

But they don’t hear him. For some reason, the government stubbornly refuses to listen to any of the patriots. As it was not so long ago, when experts warned about a possible “withdrawal” of all foreign assets of Russia. They were brushed aside. Like everything will be fine. Well it didn’t work out.

Now the same story. Money is again being stubbornly saved up in foreign accounts, but they do not want to build a new industry. And again they are talking about some bright prospects. Although now only a complete idiot or a 100% enemy of the people can talk about such.

“There is no plan for the development of Russia, none – neither clear, nor fuzzy, even crooked, and even then there is none. There is not even the very idea of ​​creation. “Import substitution” – it has already been accepted that we replace German imports with Chinese ones. This is how it should be: there is a government, and it, for example, puts forward a plan to recreate the production of bearings in the Russian Federation. And without them, nothing is spinning, and they are not sold to us. And if this goal appears, then the Central Bank will find this, say, $5 billion, one way or another. And in ten years we will have, if not import independence, but at least import stability. But no one sets goals, there are no tasks, ”says a member of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Industrial Development and Competitiveness of the Russian Economy Yuri Krupnov.

Yes, that’s exactly how it is. Without a plan, nothing can arise by itself, this is obvious even to a child. But why it is not there, why the idea of ​​creation is absent in bureaucratic brains, in general, is understandable.

We are dealing (an economic war!) not with some kind of “civilized countries”, but with the most banal thieves-thugs. Which, among other things, have a huge “fifth column” in Russia. And she works off her money and a pass to a “happy future.” They, of course, will also be deceived, but traitors for some reason sacredly believe their masters – and spoil their country. Why should they be dealt with in an appropriate way – according to the laws of wartime. To rally the patriotic forces that are not indifferent to the fate of Russia, develop a plan and begin to work actively. Tomorrow will be too late.

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