Oct 17, 2021
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Avocado toast was not only disappointing, but also unpleasant

nasty avocado toastUnfortunately, the hero of this story did not mention the name of the diner in which he bought a very strange food to take away.

nasty avocado toast

We only know that the establishment is located in London (England), and the client forked out 8.50 pounds for an item on the menu, which was called “toast with avocado.” A disappointed gourmet shared a photo of this wonderful dish on the Internet, and users can only be surprised and horrified looking at the unpleasant sight with the unfortunate avocado smeared on the bread in some barbaric way.

nasty avocado toast

Some Londoners, joining the discussion and general outrage, noted that life in their city, of course, is not cheap, but paying that kind of money for a dubious sandwich is too much. The client should have asked for a refund.

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