Aug 14, 2022
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Aviation missiles “Whirlwind” are adapted for use from Mi helicopters

Aviation missiles

A representative of the Kalashnikov concern said that the Whirlwind aircraft missiles will be adapted for use from Mi helicopters.

Now carriers of “Whirlwinds” are Ka-52 attack helicopters. The representative of the company also said that work is currently underway to increase the range of missiles.

“We are currently working on the use of Whirlwinds from helicopters of the Mi family. Work is being carried out at the R & D stage (experimental design work – ed.),” he said.

It is known that the maximum speed of the Whirlwinds reaches 610 meters per second, the range of their application is 800–10,000 meters, and the altitude of application is 10–4,000 meters.

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